Estimating growing number of US Pagans

MIAMI (The Wild Hunt) — For years now, Christianity has had declining membership and influence in the “West.” At the same time, Paganism has been growing. Nietzsche may have made his claim that “God is dead” 100 years too early. The revival of Pagan practices may be one of its consequences. The Pew Research Center (PRC) has as one of its core areas of interest, “Religion and Public Life.”  It provides extensive reportage on this decline in Christian identity.

2018 Trends and 2019 Expectations within the Pagan Communities

The Wild Hunt “spoke” via email with Reverend Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary and Robert Schreiwer of the Troth. This exchange concerned trends within the greater Pagan communities in 2018, expectations for 2019, and Pagan visibility in the media in 2018. Each spoke as an individual.  

Trends among Pagans in 2018
Rev. Fox and Schreiwer agreed that growth of Paganism formed one of the major trends in 2018. Rev. Fox mentioned the continued growth of Paganism in the US, the UK, Iceland and some other parts of the world.