Ecstasy and the Craft

The core of Witchcraft has always been carnal in nature. It is rooted in the wisdom of both the land and the body, recognizing the physical world as the holy temple through which we worship the omnipresent divine, the indwelling consciousness within all things and places. It is this consciousness which we often deify, calling it Goddess or God or some other equally nebulous title meant to inspire a sense of awe, reverence, and mystery.

Through a Glass, Queerly

Storm Faerywolf surveys some positive stories for the queer community, include memorials to the Rainbow Dead, surprisingly encouraging words from the Pope, a new queer superhero, and the scientific advancement of the erection.

The Magic of a Regular Practice

Over the years I have come to understand that the informal work is equal in importance to the formal, as it grants us the opportunity to expand the “reach” of our magical consciousness into our “mundane” lives.