The Twin Gates of the Turning Wheel

Across the globe, the power of the sun dances upon the magnetic field of the earth below, as the veils between the worlds grow thin. In the north, the hidden powers of life and nature rise into lusty fullness, while in the south a stark contrast, as the dread gate of death stands solemnly open.

The Gold at Rainbow’s End: St. Patrick, Paganism, and Celebrating Irish Heritage

We observed the holiday as many do today: by celebrating all things Irish. As far back as I can remember we marked the day with the wearing of green (so as to avoid getting pinched!), eating corned beef and cabbage, and (for the adults) drinking copious amounts of beer. We might even go to McDonald’s and get one of the Shamrock Shakes. (Disgusting, but we still wanted them.)

The Diary of A Queer Timelord

As a child, I imagined myself in these stories with the funny, out-of-place man. I identified with him because I also felt out of place, and his not-typically masculine demeanor felt safe and somehow familiar to me. As a queer adult, I can now see myself represented in these stories even more clearly, a validation that I didn’t know was needed.