The Wild Hunt Team

2018 Wild Hunt Team Members

Publisher / managing editor

Heather Greene


Assistant managing editor

Terence P. Ward


Weekly news editor

Terence P. Ward


Columns editor

Eric O. Scott


Weekly journalists

Sean McShee, news writer
Rick de Yampert, news writer, arts & culture
Dodie Graham-McKay, news writer and Canadian correspondent
Liz Williams, news writer and U.K. correspondent
Josephine Winter, news writer and Australian correspondent


Guest journalists

Damon Leff


Monthly columnists

Clio Ajana
Crystal Blanton

Storm Faerywolf
Eric O. Scott
Karl E. H. Seigfried
Manny Tejeda-Moreno
Tamilia Reed

International team

Lyonel Perabo (Norway)
Jaime Gironés (Mexico)
Alan D.D. (Venezuela)


Management team

Manny Tejeda-Moreno, Financial Director
Star Bustamonte, Human Resources Director
Stacy Psaros, Digital Media Director
Nathan Hall, Editorial Adviser


Fiscal sponsor

Independent Arts & Media

Emeritus founder

Jason Pitzl




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