Divination roundup: Sibyls of Africa, Child Tarot, New Era Elements

TWH – North African sybils, Zen-like art, and pan-cultural perspectives infuse new tarot/oracle decks. Here’s a look:

The Sibyls Oraculum: Oracle of the Black Doves of Africa by Tayannah Lee McQuillar, artwork by Katelan V. Foisy, 44-card deck and 148-page guidebook (Destiny Books). The Sybils, writes Tayannah Lee McQuillar, “were women of the ancient world who were reputed to possess the powers of prophecy or divination . . .

Finding the right deck for divination: a discussion

TWH — With Samhain getting closer and days getting shorter, many Pagans turn to divination outside of their daily routines. Tarot cards are one of the most popular and most common forms of divination found in magical circles. With the 100s of decks available, trying to find one that fits into one’s practice and spiritual life can be difficult. Star Bustamonte, who is a professional tarot reader in North Carolina and the writer of the Wild Hunt weekly tarot, offers her tips on how to pick the right deck for your work. The Wild Hunt: There are so many decks out there. Does anyone know how many there are?  How does someone, whether they are new to magical practice or just new to Tarot, begin the search for a deck?