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Column: Resurrection

At times, winter can seem to be an endless stream of snow, ice, and cold harsh winds. The mid-winter point brings a strong internal need to get away, to warm up, and to renew.

The Responsibility of Bearing Witness in the New Year

Turmoil appears frequently in our lives. Whether it appears in the form of war, political disruption, or an internal battle with individual goals such as getting in shape, connecting with others, or quitting a bad habit, the need to resolve the turmoil begins with the active action of acknowledging the reality that appears before us.

The Importance of December

I love December because it is a fresh way to stop being shackled to the past. Choosing to have difficult conversations with yourself allows a freedom to reassess a true sense of  who you are and your own memories.

Column: The Scars of November

Each of us bears the symbol of life’s progress and transition through the scars we bear on our physical bodies, as well as the scars that dot our emotional, spiritual, and mental beings.