Column: The Art of Showing Up

Each day that we breathe air, we make a choice as to how we show up in our lives for ourselves, for our various traditions, for our neighbors, and for our world. The art of showing up is the art of living.

Opinion: Why Frederick Douglass Was Right

Growing up, I did not understand why some celebrated Independence Day with cheers, while others chose not to celebrate. Recently, after the passage of the Juneteenth law, I am beginning to understand. Why celebrate a holiday fully if one is not free?

Column: Having a Voice – Ordination for Our Communities

“Our clergy, our priests and priestesses who lead our small circles, covens, kindreds, groves, and groups, perform a fantastic job of helping to keep our traditions balanced. We share the reality that clergy of all faiths have during these turbulent times of mass shootings, the slow  disintegration of privacy rights, and the overall pandemic: we are needed more than ever.”