Column: Time is a Gift of the Great Pause

“Does the toll of work on the physical body bring about a sense of depletion or restoration? Aging is a fact of life. When what we do for a living hastens the spread of life’s markings on our bodies, a change can be made. I find that asking this question on a regular basis matters to keep my energetic levels in balance. I ask if what I do nourishes and restores me. I ask if I choose this work today. Each day.  I leave in flexibility to change my mind each day because I am human.”

Column: A Good Year, A Hard Year

“At this season, we can ask ourselves what we are meant to learn from the ups and downs of the past year.  The eclipse demands that we face ourselves and our life lessons. If we didn’t have the best of years or life we feel stagnant, we can look at what lies on the path ahead.”

Column: Chiron and Healing from Pain

“Part of the healing that Chiron forces on the internal is the acknowledgment of human frailty and the acceptance that sometimes things just happen. No one is invincible. No one is irreplaceable.”