Reflecting on Healing Journeys in the new year

TWH welcomes back Nathan Hall, who writes about the new year as a time to concentrate on healing and shadow work. “As ever, this is a great time to be a Witch or magickal person. There can be no wrong time, really, because we often consciously attempt to work as conduits for manifesting the needs of the universe, and by extension, our little place in the world.”

The Importance of December

I love December because it is a fresh way to stop being shackled to the past. Choosing to have difficult conversations with yourself allows a freedom to reassess a true sense of  who you are and your own memories.

Column: Season of Light

“When I got some energy back, I sat down to tend my altars. The small chores of cleaning, sorting, and reorganizing took all of my attention. As I worked, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the tattoo had changed something, had somehow shown that I was serious enough to have some credit.” Luke Babb writes on the lessons and absences that made up their December holidays in 2021.