Review: Endymion or the State of Entropy – A Lyrical Drama

Alan D.D. reviews the new book “Endymion or The State of Entropy: A Lyrical Drama” written by Kurt R. Ward and illustrated by Rebecca Yanovskaya. This illustrated fantasy conjures a world in which archetypal characters from Greek mythology battle for dominance, as Endymion, the main character, attempts to wake himself from an endless sleep.

Column: Godsend

Last year saw the release of Apotheon, a computer game set in the milieu of Greek myth. The game’s striking visuals mimic the black-figure pottery of the 7th through 5th centuries BCE, which has the effect of making the game feel more distinctively identified with its source material than any of its predecessors. We look at the ancient vases and feel an aura of myth that cannot be replicated by modern illustrations; Apotheon plays on that aura to deliver a sense of wonder that could not be matched by more sophisticated, “realistic” graphics. But despite Apotheon’s enchanting presentation, its plot engages in a common pattern not at all faithful to the mythology. The game begins by announcing that the gods have abandoned humanity and seek to punish mortals by denying divine gifts, up to and including the light of Helios, shrouding the world in darkness.