Columna: El tercer aniversario del Templo de la Diosa en México – una entrevista con Alejandro Reyes-Ortiz

Este mes se cumplen 3 años de que el Templo de la Diosa en México abrió sus puertas como templo permanente en la colonia Roma de la Ciudad de México. Este espacio, fundado por Alejandro Reyes-Ortiz, está dedicado a la exploración y celebración de la divinidad femenina y es parte de la red de templos del Templo de la Diosa de Glastonbury, Somerset, Inglaterra. Alejandro Reyes-Ortiz es arquitecto de interiores, internacionalista y empresario. Ha practicado la cábala, la masonería, la wicca y la druidería. Durante los últimos años se ha dedicado a la práctica del camino de La Diosa y del Motherworld, se formó en Inglaterra como sacerdotisa de Avalon durante más de 5 años bajo la mentoría de Kathy Jones.

Column: Global Goddesses in Glastonbury 2017

[Today we welcome Wild Hunt team member Yeshe Matthews as a guest writer. This year, Matthews attended the Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2017 and offered to bring back a report on what this unique event is and what it has to offer. Matthews is a Priestess, a pilgrim, and Goddess devotee who travels the world visiting sacred sites and learning about Goddess culture. ] For 21 years, Priestess of Avalon Kathy Jones and a team of dedicated co-creators have presented the Glastonbury Goddess Conference in the heart of Avalon (Glastonbury, Somerset UK). Born during a difficult time in Jones’ life as she was recovering from cancer, the conference has grown and thrived since 1995, and has been a beacon of creativity, devotion, and magic in the global Goddess community, inspiring numerous students, temples, and mystery schools worldwide.

Brexit: the disunited kingdom

UK – It’s been five days now since the U.K. had its vote to decide whether or not it should be a part of the European Union. The Leave result was close, won by an overall majority of 52%. The Remain camp — the favourites to win — was shocked, saddened, and angry. It is no exaggeration to say that this result has not only torn the nation apart, but also exposed deep rifts which have have existed for many years. After the vote, social media went into turmoil with different groups of people turning on each other.

Goddess House open in Glastonbury

GLASTONBURY, England  – The Glastonbury Goddess Temple has opened the doors on its latest offering to the public: The Goddess House. This facility is a spiritual and educational place of healing, dedicated to promoting Goddess awareness.The Goddess Temple organization and its affiliated ventures support the vision of Motherworld, a society that places Mother Earth, mothers and the values of mothering – love, care and support for each other – at society’s centre rather than at its periphery. The Goddess House is located in the market town of Glastonbury, Somerset, England on Magdalene Street, directly across from the historic ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. The house itself is a large and impressive Georgian building complete with treatment rooms, workshop space and other group-use rooms. The Goddess House offers a large menu of natural healing options, provided by therapists and other professionals, including several types of massage, spiritual consults, counseling, yoga, tarot and meditation training. The original Goddess Temple space, located in the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard, at 2-4 High Street, was opened on Imbolc 2002. The following year, the space was recognized officially as a Place of Worship, and is believed to be the first such place to receive official recognition like this in the UK for 1500 years.