Building a Daily Pagan Practice with ADHD

Halo Quin returns with new insights into making daily practice work for Pagans with ADHD. “Just as I can use a walking cane to go further than my dodgy joints allow unsupported, I can also use techniques to support myself in managing my ADHD brain. And so I’ve built a daily(ish) practice which supports me, strengthens my skills, and works with my brain instead of against it!”

Into the Faery Ring

Why then, given the volatile history between humanity and faery kind, would we want to pursue a relationship with them? Why not simply follow the cautionary advice of our ancestors and do our best to avoid them altogether? The short answer is, “because we’re Witches.”

Ásatrú Theology and Public Protest

In direct contrast to the supposedly universal “golden rule” and the “turn the other cheek” message of Christ, Odin teaches that we have no responsibility to be love our enemies. That particular Heathen teaching is a large part of what leads someone like me to be uncomfortable with some of Martin Luther King’s principles, but it does not mean that the embrace of violence is the answer.”

Outside the Comfort Zone

Almost all of my education as a Witch has come from reading books. Honestly, that could have been enough. But the more I experience, the more certain I am that there is more depth of magic, spirit, and mystery to be explored. But how could I access the secrets that I know are out there when I do not trust many of the people I know who hold them?