The complexity of the Amazon fires

TWH – For many Pagans, an ecological disaster occurs both materially and spiritually. Many Pagans understand the planet Earth as Creator and Creation and generally reject the idea that humans have dominion over nature. Brazil, in the tropics of the Southern Hemisphere, has different seasons from countries in the temperate Northern Hemisphere. Its nature spirits probably differ as well- and they are under threat with the clearing of the land, perhaps retreating, perhaps departing. The current fires demand attention to understand the social and political effects that are driving, what many feel, is a spiritual affront at a time of climate crisis.

Pagan Community Notes: Suspected embezzlement reported by Maine Pagans, Wiccan prisoner loses federal appeal, and more!

PORTLAND, Maine – Last week, two groups, the Maine Pagan Community and The Order of Maine Druidry, published a public post on social media informing the Pagan and affiliated communities of financial discrepancies uncovered in an audit of EarthTides Pagan Network (ETPN). An Open Letter to the Pagan and Greater Communities

As elders and leaders in the Pagan community, we are obligated to look to the welfare of our community, new seekers and long-term members, of all our varied traditions. We also have a responsibility to the State and our non-Pagan neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens. With this responsibility in mind, we are obligated to report a serious crime and breach of trust. A recent audit of EarthTides Pagan Network’s finances revealed the unauthorized withdrawal of thousands of dollars.

Columna: Abuso y linaje

Nuestro columnista mexicano de TWH, Jaime Giornés, discute la necesidad de que los paganos mexicanos respeten sus propias tradiciones indígenas en lugar de depender de entidades externas para la validación.