The Diary of A Queer Timelord

As a child, I imagined myself in these stories with the funny, out-of-place man. I identified with him because I also felt out of place, and his not-typically masculine demeanor felt safe and somehow familiar to me. As a queer adult, I can now see myself represented in these stories even more clearly, a validation that I didn’t know was needed.

For All Time, Always

“I have been a hard polytheist for a long time, sure that the gods are people with their own motivations and machinations. Somehow, I had never expected them to have feelings – or at least, not ones that I could hurt.” Luke Babb on Marvel’s Loki – and the real one.

Classics of Pagan Cinema: The Dark Secret of Harvest Home

Many have wondered if this strange piece of folk horror even existed, or if it was a mass hallucination, another iteration of the Mandela Effect. Not so, says Meg Elison in this review of 1978’s “Dark Secret of Harvest Home” – it’s quite real, and a transgressive delight for Pagan audiences.