The Diary of A Queer Timelord

As a child, I imagined myself in these stories with the funny, out-of-place man. I identified with him because I also felt out of place, and his not-typically masculine demeanor felt safe and somehow familiar to me. As a queer adult, I can now see myself represented in these stories even more clearly, a validation that I didn’t know was needed.

Column: The Nebulous Rainbow

In terms of a Queer Craft, it is important to form a relationship with figures from queer history, and not just those within the Craft or occultism. Figures like Sappho, Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing, James Baldwin, and Edith Windsor each offer us an opportunity to forge spiritual bonds with those who helped to move the queer experience forward.

Opinion: The Queer Craft, Old and New

The witch was a figure of both disgust and fear, but, paradoxically, also of sexual desire and temptation. The witch represented that which was forbidden in all its forms. And for that, she was reviled, even as she titillated the minds of the repressed. Very queer, indeed.