Columna: El tercer aniversario del Templo de la Diosa en México – una entrevista con Alejandro Reyes-Ortiz

Este mes se cumplen 3 años de que el Templo de la Diosa en México abrió sus puertas como templo permanente en la colonia Roma de la Ciudad de México. Este espacio, fundado por Alejandro Reyes-Ortiz, está dedicado a la exploración y celebración de la divinidad femenina y es parte de la red de templos del Templo de la Diosa de Glastonbury, Somerset, Inglaterra. Alejandro Reyes-Ortiz es arquitecto de interiores, internacionalista y empresario. Ha practicado la cábala, la masonería, la wicca y la druidería. Durante los últimos años se ha dedicado a la práctica del camino de La Diosa y del Motherworld, se formó en Inglaterra como sacerdotisa de Avalon durante más de 5 años bajo la mentoría de Kathy Jones.

Pagan Community Notes: Circle Sanctuary, The Troth, Academy of Arcana, Isis and more

Circle Sanctuary has announced the launch of its new membership program. Since its founding in 1974, Circle has been an open organization that has relied predominantly on donations, volunteerism and community support without any form of official membership needed. At Imbolc, organizers officially changed Circle’s traditional structure. In a press release, they wrote, “By creating a more formal membership program, we can open stronger channels of communication; learn from our members about how we can support their spiritual and personal development; and focus on members’ needs now and in the times to come.” Membership is open to a wide variety of people, limited only by a willingness to agree to “a set of three basic ethical tenets” involving nature, respect and inclusivity.

Pagan Community Notes: Ireland, The Morrigan’s Call, Tanith Lee, West Valley LAPD and more!

On Saturday, Ireland voted “yes” to legalize same sex marriage, making it the first country to do so by popular vote. Susan Large, moderator of the Irish Pagan Movement Facebook page, said, “As Pagans we are delighted as our small community welcomes many Gay couples and we view this vote as a wonderful vote for Love and for freedom. Ireland has shown the way for others to follow and this vote is a remarkable demonstration of how enlightened a nation can be. We hope and pray that other countries will help this small flame to burn even brighter.” Turnout was reportedly very high at 60% of the 3.2 million eligible to vote.