Column: Faith Hat

International columnist Lyonel Perabo considers what his decision to wear an Asatru UK hat means for the presenting himself publicly as part of the Pagan community in a secular society.

Children of Artemis to hold Witchfest Market and Hallowe’en Ball

UK — The organizers of Britain’s biggest Pagan event, Witchfest, announced last year that it would not be hosting the festival in 2018. The announcement was made in October during the 2017 event, and it was stated that the cancellation was due to financial constraints. Merlyn said an “unexpected and sharp decrease in attendance was to blame for a lack of funds to finance the conference for 2018.” He told TWH: “Final numbers aren’t in yet, but we think our losses are in the thousands [of pounds].” Witchfest itself is run by its parent organization, the U.K.-based nonprofit organization Children of Artemis (CoA).