Column: Talking about our Mexican Origins

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I would like to apologize. On my first column for The Wild Hunt, I was so excited to introduce myself that there were a few details about our Mexican Pagan community that I regretfully left out. I was impatient to tell about our existence. I wanted to let the international Pagan community know that we are very similar to each other and that there are practitioners here with similar beliefs or people who belong to the same traditions as them.

Columna: Hablando de nuestros orígenes mexicanos

Quiero disculparme. En mi primera columna para The Wild Hunt estaba tan emocionado por presentarme que hubo algunos detalles de la comunidad pagana mexicana que lamentablemente excluí. Estaba impaciente por contar de nuestra existencia. Quería hacer saber a la comunidad pagana internacional que somos muy similares entre nosotros y que aquí hay practicantes con creencias similares o personas que pertenecen a las mismas tradiciones que ellos. Sin embargo, mi gran error fue hablar de los paganos y brujos de México sin incluir nuestra propia herencia y lo que esto significa.

Louisiana’s Religious Freedom Act and other Pagan News of Note

Top Story: A Louisiana Senate panel has approved Senate Bill 606, the Preservation of Religious Freedom Act, to go forward for debate, and ultimately a vote, on the full Senate floor. The bill, which seeks to protect religious freedom by holding government bodies to a higher standard regarding religious expression than current Supreme Court precedent, has been backed by the conservative Christian Louisiana Family Forum (affiliated with Focus on the Family). It has also found support from the Louisiana Alliance of Wiccans (LAW), who testified in support of the bill. “Valli Henry, president of the Louisiana Alliance of Wiccans, said the legislation “bolstered our hope of spreading Wicca and paganism throughout Louisiana.” Henry’s group recently came under attack as it planned a pagan festival in Livingston Parish.” LAW’s support for this new law comes despite the Louisiana Law Institute issuing a report saying there was no evidence that the new regulations would be needed, and opposition from groups like the Capital City Alliance (CCA), who say the new ordinance would further enshrine anti-gay-marriage laws within the state.