Pagan Community Notes: World Druid Survey and more!

A major survey project by Larisa A. White, M.S.Ed., Ph.D. of Quercus Academy in Central California late was announced last month.  The survey project intends to gather data on how modern Druidry has evolved and how practices have shifted around the world. The survey will track how Druidry has spread around the globe as a major nature spirituality path and examine what practicing Druids hold in common, and how their practices differ. White is seeking input from Druids of all levels of practice, from beginners to those who have decades of experience.  World Druidry Survey is supported in part by the OBOD’s Mount Haemus Award program. The findings of the project are set to be published at Beltane 2021 and presented at Mount Haemus Day in 2024 in conjunction with other publications.  
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Lilith Dorsey who authors the blog Voodoo Universe on Patheos discussed cultural appropriation and the recent controversy at Pantheacon.  Doresy allowed Witchdoctor Utu and his mentor, Baba Teddy Olujimi Jauw, to both make statements clarifying their practices, the history of African Traditional Religions (ATRs), and address the accusations of cultural appropriation.  Dorsey add her own analysis in the matter.

UK: Pagans arrested over Stonehenge trespass

Salisbury, UK. Stonehenge has been back in the news recently with the arrest of three pagan women who are said to have breached access restrictions to the sacred site. Maryam Halcrow and Angela Grace, identifying as witches, and Lisa Mead, identifying as a Druid, were found guilty of entering the site without reasonable excuse. All have received 6-month conditional discharges. Grace and Halcrow are from Swindon; Mead is from Aberdeenshire.

Krampus Spaß

This past weekend saw a host of Krampus activity throughout Central Europe with more Krampus Nacht and Krampus Run events starting tomorrow and the coming weekend. In recent years Krampuslauf (Krampus Run) and Krampusnacht (Krampus Night) celebrations and events have enjoyed a resurgence in many parts of Europe, the UK, and have become increasingly popular in North America. Krampusnacht occurs on the night of December 5, heralding The Feast St. Nicholas on December 6. The most common visual representation of the Krampus is an anthropomorphic goat, reminiscent of  a satyr who has turned to the dark side.

Pagan Community Notes: Statement from Pantheacon, Many Gods West goes on hiatus, and more!

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Glenn Turner, the coordinator of Pantheacon released a statement last week regarding the removal of two presenters, Max Dashu and Witchdoctor Utu from the schedule. Turner’s statement included a commitment to providing a safe and inclusive space to all attendees and staff. The statement also included details regarding future submissions. Presenters and the subject matter presented will be given greater scrutiny, in addition to verifying presenter credentials, and more thoroughly research presenter backgrounds.

Editorial: The Barrow and the State

Pagan Perspectives

Today’s column is by your humble weekend editor, Eric O. Scott, who has written for The Wild Hunt since 2012. The Wild Hunt is always open to submissions for its weekend section. Please send queries or complete submissions to Earlier this week, BBC News reported that a burial chamber designed as a replica of Neolithic-style long barrows had been designated as a Druidic place of worship. (The Wild Hunt covered the story in our regular Pagan Community Notes feature on Monday.) The barrow will eventually hold hundreds of urns, housed in dozens of small niches built into the walls of four burial chambers.