Kerli’s OVERSOUL is musical magick

There’s an artist I grew up with, who has made me feel seen, understood, and alive since her first album. She grew up from creepy, dark girl to become a High Priestess of Light and Darkness.

It’s a title she has earned with her newest release, an audiovisual project four years in the making. I’m speaking about Kerli’s OVERSOUL, which I’ve had on repeat for a while with no intention of changing any time soon.

Cover to the album OVERSOUL by Kerli [Kerli]

  • Released: June 7, 2024
  • Recorded: 2020-2023
  • Genre: Alternative, Electronic
  • Length: 16:52
  • Label: Independent – Tiny Cute Monster
  • Producer: Crash Cove


  1. Hope (Intro) — 0:46
  2. Alchemise — 2:40
  3. The Witching Hour — 3:47
  4. Search + Destroy — 2:44
  5. The Art of Being Alone — 3:27
  6. Warrior — 3:28

Each track represents a “path” to freedom: hope, faith, memory, shadow work, solitude, and peace. This is a concept that Kerli explained on May 31st of this year:

In 2020, the world as we knew it came to a halt. Feeling suffocated by the unknown and imprisoned in my home, I started deeply thinking about what freedom really means. From the depths of isolation, an inspiration was born. Visions started pouring through my soul.

Being absolutely honest, I felt dubious about calling an EP that was only 17 minutes long a “magnum opus.” It didn’t seem realistic. However, although I am still thinking about it, I can see how this was a huge project indeed, not only because OVERSOUL is thought as an audiovisual project, but because of its content.

Kerli released each song as a single, one each month. I felt the magic and the power in each of them. The lyrics are direct and evocative, auditive spells that help the listener manifest the kind of reality they need depending on the case. When listened to as one whole disc, we get a full ritual that recharges, empowers, and cleanses us.

As an independent artist, Kerli has been able to craft an eclectic style that doesn’t follow trends. The sound includes pop, rock, electronic, avant-garde, and even folk elements. This is a project that shows Kerli at her best, showcasing all the genres and aesthetics she has used before. However, there is still a fresh sound in the final product.

The lyrics also follow a structure similar to that she explored in her previous release, Shadow Works, giving me the impression that this could be seen as a follow-up, a sequel that explores the results after the introspection. To say I’m impressed is an understatement. To say I want more, unnecessary.

I’m eager to see what happens next. Kerli is known for delivering a whole experience, be it in the comfort of one’s home listening to her music or on the stage providing not just a concert, but a ceremony. Although I might be biased, as an obvious fan who has enjoyed (and laughed and cried to) her music since Love Is Dead, I am sure the OVERSOUL era will not be the exception.

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