Pagan Community Notes: Alleged Odinist charged with making anti-Semitic threats, “witch-hunts” and hysteria on the rise, and more!

NEW YORK – Last Tuesday, Garrett Kelsey, 31, was charged in the federal Southern District of New York court for making anti-Semitic threats against a Jewish organization.

He was arrested and arraigned in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on charges of one count of interstate transmission of threats to injure a person. While at this time it is unclear what, if any, affiliation Kelsey may have with Asatru or any Heathen groups, in some of the threats he made, Ásatrú was mentioned.

A Facebook profile allegedly connected to him, in the name of “Garrett Odinschild” was also the same name he used when he called in threats to a Jewish organization in New York, identified only as a “Victim Organization” in the court filings. A screenshot of the Facebook profile showing a picture of Jewish residents in Warsaw, Poland presumably being rounded up during World War II, and an icon of “Pepe the Frog” that has become a symbol of white supremacists, was entered as evidence as part of the FBI complaint.

[Facebook profile page from the FBi complaint]

The profile and cover photo have since been changed, though the page remains up and active and the pictures still appear in the recently posted pictures of the page. The page also contains posts advocating far-right and white supremacy ideology.

TWH will have a full story on this later in the week.

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Flag of South Africa [public domain]

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Last Thursday the Masonwabe Primary School in Delft, Cape Town had a number of students collapse and at least half a dozen were taken to clinics for medical care. The students reported feeling Dizzy or light-headed, nauseated, and unable to breathe.

In most places, such symptoms would immediately bring to mind a possible gas leak or some other toxin being accidentally released. Unfortunately, some of the locals immediately began saying the cause was “witchcraft.” These viewpoints only seemed to harden after several media outlets said that the children examined turned up “no medical reason” for their collapse.

Whatever the cause of the fainting, whether due to some physical issue, or stress-induced, mass-hysteria events similar to this in the past have happen in South Africa.

One well-documented case of mass hysteria happened in 1999 in a high school in Umtata, Eastern Cape of South Africa. A report issued by the Malawi Medical Journal and published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health cites a number of related cases in the region from roughly the same time period.

While the incidence of “witch-hunts” have been fairly low in South Africa in recent years, there has been a pronounced spike, mostly in India, in the number of people accused of, and murdered due to the belief they were practicing “witchcraft.”

An opinion article by Leo Igwe appearing last week in the publication Modern Ghana, calls on the United Nations to issue an international response to the “witch hunts.” Igwe also notes that number of “witch-related” violence is on the rise in many countries in Africa.

Below, TWH has compiled the most recent news reports of attacks and killings.

In “witch-hunt” news:


Crossings of the Veil

Susan Curewitz-Arthen, born on October 1, 1951, crossed the Veil on Friday, July 26, 2019. Sue was at the heart of the EarthSpirit Community, an international Pagan organization – serving on its board as an officer for 35 years.

She was known as a teacher, a priestess, a wedding officiant, a wise woman and a generous spirit who welcomed all. She laughed easily and “gave great hugs”. She spoke with humor and truth, accepting people as they came, while never hesitating to offer an honest reflection when asked (or not).

Through the Facebook group, “Sunflowers for Sue” , there are many memories and blessings that community members offered for her, both during her illness and after her death.

Sue taught classes and workshops at EarthSpirit events as well as through Cherry Hill Seminary and Covenant of the Goddess. She participated and represented EarthSpirit at the Parliament of the World’s Religions meetings many times from from 1993-2018.

Sue was employed as the Business Manager and Human Resource Director at the International Language Institute in Northampton, MA for a decade and was currently serving as Treasurer for the Worthington Library. She wrote about Rites of Passage and was published numerous times. She had recently joined the Greenfield chapter of Toastmasters International and enjoyed making connections and offering talks there.

Susan is survived by her partners Eric Leventhal-Arthen and Sarah Stockwell-Arthen, her children, Buffie Cafarella, Merlin Cafarella, her brother Richard Curewitz and his wife, Barbara Vanderbilt, as well as her chosen family: Deirdre Pulgram-Arthen, Andras Corban-Arthen, Leona Stonebridge-Arthen, Donovan Arthen and his wife, Anya Arthen, Isobel Arthen and her fiancé, Samuel Long, Alex Arthen-Cheyne and his partners Ember Arthen-Cheyne, Dana Duval, and Desmond Duval along with their children Amari and Keaton.

All of the EarthSpirit Community mourns her passing. Sue lived a life of service and integrity and will be greatly missed by many.

Donations in Sue’s memory may be made to The EarthSpirit Community through their website.

What is remembered, lives! 

In other news:

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