Pagan Community Notes: Florida Pagan Alliance, Ásatrú Ibérica, Global Wicca Conference and more

FLORIDA — The Florida Pagan Alliance president has removed Florida Pagan Gathering and its host organization the Temple of Earth Gatherings from its community initiative roster. Alliance president Michele Webster wrote, “It is our determination, based solely upon facts, that Temple of Earth Gathering/Florida Pagan Gathering is in direct violation of the community not competition initiative,” created by the alliance members in 2017 unify “the community, both Pagan and non-Pagan,” and foster ways to “to work together towards common goals.” Organizational leaders sign on and agree to certain terms.

The alliance board reportedly discovered that, while the FPG organizers had signed the initiative, they had not complied. One reason cited was the changing of the dates of the organization’s big Samhain event, which now conflicts with other local events. The location of the Samhain celebration was recently changed, according to the TEG board, due to construction at the old site; this shift required a date change as the new location was booked up.

Morwen Two Feathers, Earth Drum Council leader, dies

CONCORD, Mass. — Renowned drumming leader and coloring book author Morwen Two Feathers, a longtime member of the EarthSpirit community, has died after more than five years of treatment for glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor. She is survived by her husband Jimi, children Kane and Wren, and a legion of others who considered her family. Two Feathers was born into a family that was Jewish ethnically and spiritually, but developed doubts in the existence of Yahweh as a child, even as her interests in the occult and Arthurian legend blossomed. As she recounted in her book Universal Heartbeat, she discovered feminism, humanism, and “years later a friend in graduate school gave me a tarot deck and introduced the concept of the Goddess.