Pagan Community Notes: Florida Pagan Alliance, Ásatrú Ibérica, Global Wicca Conference and more

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FLORIDA — The Florida Pagan Alliance president has removed Florida Pagan Gathering and its host organization the Temple of Earth Gatherings from its community initiative roster. Alliance president Michele Webster wrote, “It is our determination, based solely upon facts, that Temple of Earth Gathering/Florida Pagan Gathering is in direct violation of the community not competition initiative,” created by the alliance members in 2017 unify “the community, both Pagan and non-Pagan,” and foster ways to “to work together towards common goals.” Organizational leaders sign on and agree to certain terms.

The alliance board reportedly discovered that, while the FPG organizers had signed the initiative, they had not complied. One reason cited was the changing of the dates of the organization’s big Samhain event, which now conflicts with other local events. The location of the Samhain celebration was recently changed, according to the TEG board, due to construction at the old site; this shift required a date change as the new location was booked up.

The board sent two media statements regarding the change and the alliance’s decision. In those statements, the board announced that it was severing ties with the alliance, and refuted claims being made by the alliance and others regarding the situation. As of publication, there is an on going debate as to whether the TEG board could have chosen other dates to comply regardless of the space change, and whether the Alliance followed their proper processes. We will continue to follow this developing story and report as needed.

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SPAIN – Ásatrú Ibérica has closed its virtual doors, according to an announcement published July 19. The board said that when the organization was formed they had the mission to be an education resource and place for like minds to meet.  However, that has not come to fruition, according to the statement. Due to family and work constraints, the organizers do not have the time to continue. The organization will shut down as of July 22.

Ásatrú Ibérica worked in collaboration with other Ásatrú located around the world, including the Troth. Group members attended Frith Forge in 2017 and were part of the Ásatrú-EU, a collaborative group of Heathen organizations promoting inclusiveness and non-discrimination.

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The Parliament of the World’s Religions is only a few months away; Pagans and Heathens are beginning to prepare as  announcements about presenters are released. One of the pre-parliament events is the Global Wicca Conference to be held online from Sept 4-10 and hosted through the Witch School.

As noted on the site, some of the guests for the international digital conference will be Rev. Selena Fox, Phyllis Curott, Belladonna Laveau, Dusty Dionne, and Rev. Don Lewis. Fox, Lewis, and Laveau will be reportedly serving on a panel at the parliament itself on the subject of Wicca as a global religion. They will be among other Pagans, Heathens, and polytheists presenting at the seventh parliament, which will be held in Toronto on Nov. 1.

In other news

  • EarthSpirit Community will be holding a graveside ceremony for Morwen Two Feathers, Wednesday, July 25 at 10:30 a.m. The memorial will be at “the Knoll” area at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Massachusetts. It will be followed by a community potluck. Then, in October, the organization will host an evening tribute to Two Feathers. Details have not been finalized yet.
  • The Marin Interfaith Climate Action is seeking material from all spiritual paths for inclusion as resources for use on the orgnaization’s website. Aline ‘Macha’ O’Brien said, “I am asking Pagans/Pagan organizations for relevant material, be it Druid, African diaspora, Hindu, whatever.” She said that they also welcome links to “environmental activism sites and alternative energy providers; and books, films, and documentaries.” She asks that material be sent to her at with “MICA website” in the subject line.
  • The Aquarian Tabernacle Church will hosts its Demeter ritual one last time in Tacoma, Washington. Belladonna Laveau and Dusty Dionne have traveled the country on what they called the World Love Tour, offering the ritual to communities that requested it. On July 28 at Crescent Moon Gifts, they will offer the ritual for the final time.
  • The online site Bustle has an article in which the writer claims that “the July 2018 blood moon will kick your emotions into overdrive.” We looked to expert astrologist and Witch Diotima Mantinea to see if she agrees. In a blog post, Mantinea wrote, “This partial solar eclipse in cancer on July 12 is going to facilitate bringing unconscious, buried emotions and old traumas to the surface. Some of us will heal them, some of us will project them, some of us will be crushed by them. Some will be more affected than others, but few will escape unscathed. There will be emotional volcanos[sic] erupting, and the ash will spread far and wide.” Looks like she agrees, to some extent.

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