Pagan Community Notes: Fake Selena Fox profile, Witch Way Magazine awards, Dawtas of the Moon conference and more

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Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary, shortly after voting this morning in Wisconsin.

Selena Fox [courtesy].

TWH – It was reported April 23 that an unknown user has created a fake Facebook account using Selena Fox’s name. Several users alerted the real Fox immediately after being contacted by the owner of the fake account. Some users reported being contacted by the fake Selena Fox via Facebook messenger. Fox immediately changed her profile photo so others would know it was her, and announced publicly: “I have had several reports of someone who is claiming to be me doing some grant scam as well as making rude comments that are not my way. If you have encountered this person, please report these posts right away to Facebook. I have already done this, but need others to help so that Facebook can stop this person and take additional action so others are not hacked and not scammed.”

Facebook did remove the fake Selena Fox account April 24. Ironically, a day later, the New York Times published an article about fraudulent Facebook accounts, including ones that impersonate Mark Zuckerberg in an attempt to scam people out of millions of dollars. According to that article, company estimates are that three percent of its accounts, which equates to 60 million, are fake. Zuckerberg reportedly said in recent testimony to lawmakers that these fake accounts are “very serious” because they contribute to the fake news problem as well as other fraudulent activity. The company is reportedly hiring more people to review content and curb these problems.

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TWH – The publishers of Witch Way Magazine are hosting the first annual Witch Way awards. The site reads: “The witch community is one that is diverse yet intimate. While we so often prefer to work on our own, there is something special about when we reach out to each other and share our knowledge with the world. The Witch Way Magazine awards [are] about honoring those special individuals who truly make our world a lovelier and more magical place. Without them we may not have had the special milestones on our path.”

Voting is open. Categories focus mostly on people rather than on particular works, with the exception of the new book and blog categories.  Others include favorite “glam witch,” “supportive witch,” “divination witch,” YouTuber, teacher, and most influential. Voting ends May 20. Winners will be announced May 1, and received a free subscription to Witch Way Magazine, an interview published in the publication, a pass to a private third anniversary party in New Orleans, and a “swag bag.”

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[Facebook profile.]

BALTIMORE — Dawtas of the Moon members have announced that there will be another conference this coming October. The event is the third of its kind, and it will be hosted at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center in Baltimore. The event page reads, “Dawtas of the Moon is calling out to all women of color. We are calling all priestesses, shamans, and healers. We are calling all sisters from the novice to elder. We are calling all women of color from all paths of the craft. We are calling you home.”

Run by the Dawtas of the Moon coven, the event is dedicated specifically to women of color. As noted on the website site, “Our journey began in June 2016 with a dream. Mama Omi, having just cancelled the Enter the Womb event, had a dream. She found herself surrounded by ancestral women. Some she knew, others she didn’t now but felt an attachment to them nonetheless. In her dream, the elders told her, ‘It is time to bring them together.’ She was given the name Dawtas of the Moon and with that, the Black Witch Convention was born.” The organizers are announcing this year’s presenters, including Rish de Terra, Katrina Messenger, Lynn Young, Tamara Young, Gigi Robinson, Ikeoma Divine, Edna P. Smith, Dana Sanders, Soul Vine Atlanta, Laje Reine, Ty Shaw, and keynote speaker Mama Omi.  The event will take places over two days from Oct. 19-20. 


In other news

  • A Wiccan practitioner in a North Carolina prison has recently filed a lawsuit against the prison chaplains for violating her civil rights. Jennifer Ann Jasmaine alleges that the chaplains did not provide the accommodations needed to practice her religion. The lawsuit has been filed in a federal court, and we will have the full story up coming this week.
  • The European Congress of Ethnic Religions (ECER) wrapped up its annual gather last week, which for the first time was held in Rome, Italy.  EarthSpirit co-founder Andras Corban-Arthen is president of the ECER and opened the four-day event which included talks from people who practice a variety of Pagan religions that find their origins in Europe.
  • As we reported in the past, Jenny Uzzell, a doctoral researcher at Durham University and member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, launched a survey to learn more about Pagan attitudes to death and dying. The project supports her doctoral research and the information will be published in her dissertation and “associated paper,” as she notes.  This week is the final week to respond to the survey.
  • Pagans in the Northern Hemisphere are celebrating Beltane this week. According to a Guardian report, may pole sales have been up in the U.K.  As reported on the site, “After a long decline in interest, traditional May Day activities are experiencing their own rebirth.” Other newly-reborn activities include the popular and often controversial Morris dancers. While today may be Beltane even for many of our readers, our friends in the southern hemisphere are ushering in Samhain.

Tarot of the week with Star Bustamonte

Deck: Ghosts & Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Card: knight of swords

This week calls for us to take care with our thoughts and ideas, and how we choose to present them to others. Be mindful of the difference between open discussion and coercing others into accepting you or your ideas. This card reminds us to listen as much or more than we ourselves speak, and to avoid pontification.