Pagan Community Notes: Fake Selena Fox profile, Witch Way Magazine awards, Dawtas of the Moon conference and more

TWH – It was reported April 23 that an unknown user has created a fake Facebook account using Selena Fox’s name. Several users alerted the real Fox immediately after being contacted by the owner of the fake account. Some users reported being contacted by the fake Selena Fox via Facebook messenger. Fox immediately changed her profile photo so others would know it was her, and announced publicly: “I have had several reports of someone who is claiming to be me doing some grant scam as well as making rude comments that are not my way. If you have encountered this person, please report these posts right away to Facebook. I have already done this, but need others to help so that Facebook can stop this person and take additional action so others are not hacked and not scammed.”

Pagan Community Notes:, Greening of Religion, Mountain Magic, and more!

DEVENTER, Netherlands — The online resource, a repository of information about Hellenic myth and practice derived from ancient sources, will be sold rather than shut down. That’s according to site creator and owner Aaron Atsma, who reports getting a considerable amount of email when he briefly announced its closure or sale via a banner on the site. Atsma intends on selling the site through a broker later in the year. “People have been emailing me directly about the sale of the site over the last week which has caught me a bit off guard. Most boil down to, ‘I might be interested, how much?'” he wrote.

Andras Corban-Arthen re-elected as president to ECER

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – Andras Corban-Arthen, current President of the European Congress of Ethnic Religions (ECER) has been re-elected to serve another five year term as President. Mr. Corban-Arthen has served as president since 2011 when its first president became ill and could no longer serve out his term. ECER was founded in 1998 to preserve and revitalize the indigenous, ethnic religious traditions of Europe and to “oppose discrimination against such groups.”  

Corbin-Arthen says he has been honored to serve as president is proud of the re-organizational plan which called for greater involvement from the members, the development and procurement of necessary resources, and for ECER to increase its activism in pursuing its mission. “I convened a steering committee which met monthly for well over a year, and we proposed a number of changes to the statutes governing the ECER, which were adopted at last year’s Congress in Prague,” explained Corban-Arthen.

Outdoor Pagan temple vandalized, suspects arrested

JESOLO, ITALY — On April 15, a Pagan outdoor temple in Italy once again became the target of vandals. However, this time the act was caught on camera. As a result, five men were arrested when temple owners turned over the footage to police. It showed these men using temple chairs to smash a statue of Nike of Samothrace. The Federazione Pagana, a Pagan polytheist group affiliated with the temple, noted that this was not the first time the outdoor temple had been vandalized.