Pagan Community Notes: Hugh Hampton, Mexico City, Dan Halloran, and more

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TWH – Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship lost one of its long times members: Hugh Hampton (1956-2017). Hampton was best known as ADF’s office manager, and had been serving in that position since 2003. Due to that work, he was known, even if only by name, to a good portion of the Druid community nationwide. According to Archdruid Jean ‘Drum’ Pagano, Hampton was “tireless,” “served with distinction,” and “could be found online seven days a week and at many different times of the day and night.”

Hampton reportedly received a number of ADF service awards. Others posting memories describe Hampton as being “kind and helpful.” ADF offered a prayer on their Facebook announcement that reads, “May you be welcome with open arms, as you welcomed those that came to you. May you be greeted with the same care, as you greeted the many that came to you for help. May the ancestors make you welcome, as you made so many who came your way be welcomed.”   What is remembered, lives.

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MEXICO CITY — Mexico City Pagan Pride March has just reached a milestone, celebrating ten years of Pagan pride in the region. The march, Caminata del Orgullo Pagano – México, is hosted annually by Consejo Wicca Mexico, and this year’s anniversary edition was organized by visual artist Alejandro Estanislao.

The march and celebration began at 11 a.m. in ParqueEspaña and continued on from that point. During the event, organizers went live on Facebook and that video is posted on the event site. It shows people chanting, singing, and dancing in celebration.

Both the host organization and the pride event are dedicated specifically to the preservation and celebration of diversity, community tolerance, Pagan spirituality, and the well-being of the planet. In its own words, the mission is to “Inspirar a que cada ser humano se convierta en un promotor del bienestar del universo, ayudando con esto a conformar una sociedad mas libre, más tolerante.” [Translated: To “Inspire so that each human being becomes a promoter of the universe’s well-being, and with this helping to shape a more free society”].

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Dan Halloran

Dan Halloran

NEW YORK — Dan Halloran’s Facebook fan page appears to be active once again after two years of no updates. The page, once called simply Dan Halloran, was recently renamed to Dan Halloran: An American Political Prisoner  and is now categorized as a cause.

Halloran, who was an openly practicing Pagan and member of the Theodish community, was elected to the New York City council representing Queens in 2012. He was later arrested on bribery charges and, in 2015, sentenced to ten years in prison. The Facebook support page appears to have been revived as a rallying point including responses using the hashtag #FreeDanHalloran.

What provoked the sudden change on Halloran’s page? It is possible that the catalyst was the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent refusal to hear the appeal of former state senator Malcolm Smith. Smith was part of the 2013 bribery scheme with Halloran, along with several others. They were all arrested in 2015 as part of an FBI sting, and Smith was eventually convicted on federal corruption charges. His appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was declined Oct. 2.

In other news

  • A survey is posted online requesting participants answer questions about death and dying. The survey is specifically interested in “Pagan Attitudes to Death, Funerals and Ancestors.” The survey is being run by Jenny Uzzell, a doctoral researcher at Durham University in the department of theology and religion Uzell is also a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD), and the Druid Network.
  • The Bad Witch’s Blog reports on a day spent at London’s Mind Soul and Body festival.
  • A new calendar dedicated to Heathenry has become available. Published on Lulu by Erin Hale, the calendar is promoted as including “images from heathen life and belief,” and includes Norse holidays.
  • Blogger and polytheist Bonkira Bon Oungan is beginning a “novena” Oct. 25 and is opening up the nine-day prayer tradition to the community. He writes, “My novena for All Soul’s Day is for the dead of all sorts. I couldn’t find a prayer format that I liked, so I wrote my own last year and updated it this year.” He explains his process and welcomes people to join.

Weekly tarot with Star Bustamonte

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Card: six (6) of swords

The six (6) of swords reflects movement forward but can indicate a more narrow path that may require letting go of some of the burdens that reflect sadness and or loss. Often we do not realize initially how much relief and greater freedom can be found by setting aside those things that no longer serve us.

The week ahead offers us the chance to discard the worries and stress of the past, and move towards a new, and calmer, beginning. What are you carrying around with you that may be impeding your progress and it is time to let go of?