Pagan Community Notes: EarthSpirit Community, Katharine A. Luck, Exodus 22:18 and more!

GLENWOOD, Mass. — EarthSpirit Community announced that co-director Andras Corban-Arthen and member Donovan Arthen have traveled to North Dakota in an effort to help the protesters at Standing Rock camps. According to a press release, EarthSpirit “sent its delegation in response to a call to religious leaders from Chief Arvol Looking Horse.” While at the camps, the delegation “met with some of the organizers of the camps and [performed a] ceremony with some of the indigenous Elders.” Additionally, they carried EarthSpirit’s own statement of support as well as documents of support from the Parliament of the World’s Religions and the European Congress of Ethnic Religions.

Election day overview

TWH – Today is election day in the United States, voters are headed to the polls to decide who will be their president for next four years. This 2016 race has been contentious, to say the least, and unique in many ways. Republican nominee Donald Trump is reportedly the first presidential candidate without any formal political experience to reach this point in the process since Dwight Eisenhower. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is the first female presidential candidate to make it to this point. In addition to trivia such as those, the 2016 presidential campaign has been surrounded by divisive rhetoric, accusations of misconduct and criminal activity, and a host of other often shocking public displays. But today is voting day and the decision will be made.