Voices in the Wind: remembering the heroes of Flight 93.

SHANKSVILLE, Penn. — Standing tall in what once was an empty Pennsylvania field lies a new structure containing wind chimes that sing softly into the breeze. The Tower of Voices, as it is called, is the final addition to a national memorial to the passengers and flight crew of Flight 93, who died on September 11, 2001. “We don’t look at the passengers and crew as victims. We look at them as heroes,” Gordon Felt, the brother of one of the passengers and the president of Families of Flight 93, told CBS in a special titled “Wind Chimes for the Silenced.” The concrete structure is heroic in stature, as described by the architect.

Attempted Petrol Bombing of Pennsylvania Spiritual Center

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA – Police are investigating an attempted petrol bombing of a metaphysical shop. On New Year’s eve day, someone tossed a Molotov cocktail through the window of Shooting for the Moon Spiritual Development Center. Owner Kathy Brown said that she was on the second floor of the building when her dog’s barking alerted her that something was wrong. This happened just after 9 am. When she went down to investigate, felt a cold breeze in her shop.

Column: What Lies Beneath

“My world, my Earth is a ruin. A planet spoiled by the human species. We multiplied and fought and gobbled until there was nothing left, and then we died. We controlled neither appetite nor violence; we did not adapt. We destroyed ourselves.

Column: A Religion (or Culture?) of Hate

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Heathen Band Faces Charges of Racism in Pennsylvania

The Heathen band Norsewind was removed from the Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day (PPPD) schedule after being labeled a White Nationalist [Supremacist] band. In August, Antifa Philadelphia, a “collective of militant anti-fascists committed to opposing the rise of the far-right,” contacted the organizers of PPPD. They claimed that Norsewind, a band scheduled to play at the Aug. 30 event, had “strong ties to the Keystone State Skinheads” and labeled them a White Nationalist band. PPPD promptly dropped the band from its event and issued a statement saying that the organizers find “hate and intolerance in any form abhorrent.”

The Claims
Antifa posted the information that it sent to PPPD on Tumblr. It is titled Norsewind and their ties to Neo-Nazi hate groups.