Column: What of the Christians?

Pagan Perspectives

One of my most vivid school memories comes from a history lesson I had when I was about seven or eight. From very early on, history had been my favorite subject. The books were always filled to the brim with colorful pictures, and the fact that the topic encompasses just about everything that ever took place regarding mankind drew my attention. That day at school, we were supposed to learn about the Renaissance and the 16th century. As I opened my book, my eyes met with a picture of a crowd laying waste to a church, breaking windows and tearing down statues.

Column – How Legit is Studying Magick Online?

Mat Auryn is our guest columnist this week. An initiate of Sacred Fires tradition, Mat lives in New England. Find him at his Patheos Pagan blog, For Puck’s Sake as well as his personal website. As someone who has studied with various traditions and taken many courses on magick over the years both in person and online, I’m constantly asked what the difference is and how it’s possible to learn magick online, especially when it comes to the idea of initiations. While there are a few differences between learning online and offline, it’s important to clear up some misconceptions about learning the craft from a teacher online.

Occult conference organized in Wales

POWYS, Wales –The first Welsh Occult Conference is slated to be held June 2 of this year. Organized by author Gary St Michael Nottingham who previously ran the Ludlow Esoteric Conference, this new occult conference also represents his return to event organizing after taking time away for several years. “I had a break to get on with other stuff,” Nottingham explained. “Just not enough planetary hours in the day to do everything.” While the Ludlow conference was held in Shropshire, England, Nottingham has moved this one over the border and closer to home, as he explained.