Pagan Community Notes: Kenny Klein, Cherry Hill Seminary, Climate Ribbon Project and more!

The case against musician Kenny Klein, who is accused of having child pornography on his computer, has been dragging on in New Orleans since March, 2014. One snag, which may hold up the wheels of justice, is the fact that Klein is now suing his ex-wife Tzipora Katz, for defamation of character. The basis of Klein’s complaint is a 1997 consent order in the pair’s custody case, under which Katz “agrees she will not discuss any issues relating to any allegations of sexual abuse by Kenneth Klein with any parties other than her immediate family and mental health professionals who are treating members of her immediate family.” In return, Klein withdrew his “application for custody and visitation” of their child. That order had no listed expiration date.

Update: Famous Hermetic Library Endangered

Last month I reported that the J.R. Ritman Library (aka The Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica) in Amsterdam was endangered, and is currently closed to the public as Ritman and Friesland Bank negotiate a massive 15 million Euro collateral loan behind closed doors. A Dutch heritage site, and home to many rare hermetic and esoteric works, it is now in danger of crumbling apart entirely. First, Ritman’s contested sale of the The Grail of Rochefoucauld, which contains the oldest surviving account of the legends of King Arthur, and the action that sparked the current crisis, has been allowed to go through. An illuminated 14th-century manuscript containing what is believed to be the oldest surviving account of the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table was sold for £2.39m yesterday […]  It was written in Flanders or Artois some time between 1315 and 1323 and probably produced for Guy VII, Baron de Rochefoucauld, head of one of the leading aristocratic families of medieval France. Sotheby’s specialist Timothy Bolton said: “This is one of the principal manuscripts of the first significant medieval work of secular literature.” That sale of one of the library’s most prized works is supposed to go towards paying off Ritman’s bank debt, for which the library was used as collateral.

Famous Hermetic Library Endangered

Word has been spreading among blogs and local newspapers in the Netherlands that the J.R. Ritman Library (aka The Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica) in Amsterdam is endangered, and currently closed to the public as Ritman and Friesland Bank negotiate behind closed doors. The current conflict began when Ritman attempted to sell The Grail of Rochefoucauld, which contains the oldest surviving account of the legends of King Arthur, through the auction house Sotheby’s. The problem is that the bank claims Ritman used the 14th century manuscript, and other library works, as collateral on a 15 million euro loan.

“An extremely valuable medieval manuscript owned by the BPH (The Grail of Rochefoucauld) was put on sale at Sotheby’s, and this triggered a reaction from the Friesland Bank, which took possession of the library, that had apparently been brought in as collateral, in order to get back a 15 million euro loan from mr Ritman. At present the BPH is closed, and intense negotiations are going on behind closed doors.

Dutch poet and Voodoo Priestess

The Jakarta Post interviews Dutch poet, and convert to Haitian Voodoo, Maria van Daalen. In Indonesia for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, van Daalen discusses her conversion experience, living as a poet, and her definition of a spiritual life.Maria van Daalen”I believe in what is real, but that there’s also magical things. Say I acknowledge God created the whole world in six days, to me it’s magical. But certain science is also magical to me. But as a poet I live in reality.