Scottish historians calling for memorial to witch trial victims

SCOTLAND —  A recent call for a memorial to the women who were executed in Scotland’s witch trials raises concerns in the UK Pagan community. Between the 16th and 18th century, nearly 2500 women were executed in Scotland. They were burned at the stake, strangled, or hung, principally as a result of their healing practices or because they were seen as traitors to the Presbyterian cause. The trials began in North Berwick in 1590 following the Scottish Witchcraft Act in 1563, which was enacted as a direct result of King James VI’s difficulties in bringing his 14 year old bride Anne of Denmark to Scotland by sea. He blamed magical practices for the problems.

His insistence that the issue of witchcraft should be addressed gave rise to a spate of witch hunts, involving both men and women.

Remembering Seb Barnett: Artist, Creator, Shaman

SEATTLE — Over the weekend, the Pagan community in the pacific northwest learned that one of its beloved members, a fellow teacher, talented artist, and close friend, had committed suicide. Since then, shock has rolled through the community, turning into expressions of deep sadness. Writer Rhyd Wildermuth posted, “The last time I saw you, you gave me a huge hug and called me ‘big brother’ like you always did, and then said, ‘I feel like I’ll never see you again.’ I smiled and laughed it off. Of course we’d see each other again […] I was fucking wrong.”

A Special Note: In tribute …

The Wild Hunt is taking this moment to pay tribute to the many people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001; to the brave who stepped forward and not back; and to the families who still grieve. In memory of the victims and acknowledgement of the survivors, we offer the words often spoken here:
What is Remembered, Lives. For more thoughts from our writers, past and present:

Fear of a Blue Sky by Alley Valkyrie

“For the rest of the week, I spent my afternoons in Union Square, praying and making offerings for the dead. The screaming only started to fade a few months later as the fire finally went out, but I heard the screams in traces for the next several years.” Personal Thoughts on 9/11 by Cara Schulz (originally posted on PNC Minnesota)

“I lost one of my best friends, and Air Force buddy and matron of honor at my wedding.

Honor for the unhoused in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Last month saw the second annual memorial to people who had died homeless in this city, located 42mi southeast of San Francisco. Among the participants in this interfaith event was Rowan Fairgrove from Covenant of the Goddess. She agreed to share more about the event and her work in this area with The Wild Hunt. According to the 2015 Point-in-Time Count for Santa Clara County, there were 6,556 people without homes there in January of that year, which is the month that these counts are performed throughout the Unites States.