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We apologize.

The Wild Hunt rarely removes articles from immediate view, but we are doing so in this case. We at The Wild Hunt are painfully aware of the impact news can have on individuals. The article regarding the Pussy Church of Witchcraft is one such example. It contains hurtful language that was not caught in our editorial review. In our editorial process, our writers trust one another to share unbiased material in a manner that is supportive of to our Pagan and Polytheist community. This article failed to do that.

The Pussy church article exposed several weaknesses in our editorial process that our team is working on addressing immediately.  For that, we apologize to our readers and anyone touched by our reporting for having failed to live up to our editorial standards.

We recognize the legitimate criticism this article has received. So, we are creating new editorial guidelines to bolster our ability to prevent this from happening again. We are taking this matter seriously and addressing it immediately. We promise to report back these guidelines to you, our readers, as soon as next week.

If anyone wishes to see the article, it is posted temporarily in our non-public archives only through this link