Column: Hail to Our Victims

Pagan Perspectives

Today’s column comes to us from Karl E.H. Seigfried, goði of Thor’s Oak Kindred in Chicago. In addition to his award-winning website, The Norse Mythology Blog, Karl has written for the BBC, Iceland Magazine, Journal of the Oriental Institute, On Religion, Religion Stylebook, and many other outlets. He holds degrees in literature, music, and religion, and he is the first Ásatrú practitioner to hold a graduate degree from University of Chicago Divinity School. Our weekend section is always open for submissions. Please submit queries to

Pagans and Heathens in elected office: an update

HIGH POINT, NC – Megan Longstreet, an openly-Pagan candidate running for High Point City Council, lost her race to Monica Peters. While the the incumbent did not seek reelection, she endorsed Peters, who won with 80% of the vote. While disappointed by the results, Ms. Longstreet had kind words for her supporters, “I thank everyone who helped me throughout my campaign and everyone who came out and voted for me.”

Longstreet ran as a Democrat on a platform of what she calls progressive values. That platform included LGBTQ rights, creation of a living wage, ending systemic racism, ending the war on drugs, and universal single payer healthcare. Longstreet says she plans to run for elected office again in the future.

North Carolina Pagan running for city council seat

HIGH POINT, NC – Megan Longstreet is running for an open seat on the High Point City Council. Ms. Longstreet says so far that her religion has not been a factor in the race. The incumbent is not running for reelection, but has endorsed Longstreet’s challenger, Monica Peters. Longstreet is the mother of three children and says that a situation, which arose last year involving her oldest child, pushed her from being an activist to running for office. She says her daughter, who has Lupus SLE, was no longer eligible for Medicaid after she turned 21.

UU Pagans respond to American political shift

TWH — Following the highly-divisive election cycle in the United States, leaders in the Unitarian Universalist religion have been speaking out about what should come next. For one leader of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPs), the call to “provide sanctuary and resist” can be couched in terms of the time of the winter king, who brings hope in times of cold, dark, and despair. Rev. Peter Morales, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, laid out what he believed to be necessary in a letter to UU ministers last month. I believe we are entering dangerous times. I expect that the new administration will unleash human rights abuses aimed at migrants and Muslims shortly after it takes office.

Election day overview

TWH – Today is election day in the United States, voters are headed to the polls to decide who will be their president for next four years. This 2016 race has been contentious, to say the least, and unique in many ways. Republican nominee Donald Trump is reportedly the first presidential candidate without any formal political experience to reach this point in the process since Dwight Eisenhower. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is the first female presidential candidate to make it to this point. In addition to trivia such as those, the 2016 presidential campaign has been surrounded by divisive rhetoric, accusations of misconduct and criminal activity, and a host of other often shocking public displays. But today is voting day and the decision will be made.