Ásatrú Theology and Public Protest

In direct contrast to the supposedly universal “golden rule” and the “turn the other cheek” message of Christ, Odin teaches that we have no responsibility to be love our enemies. That particular Heathen teaching is a large part of what leads someone like me to be uncomfortable with some of Martin Luther King’s principles, but it does not mean that the embrace of violence is the answer.”

Naturalistic Paganism in Lebanon

Today’s dispatch comes from J.D. Harlock, who introduces us to a form of Naturalistic Paganism based in the history and landscape of Lebanon. “Embracing Naturalistic Paganism fosters a sense of kinship and purpose among all Lebanese, regardless of their background, allowing for communal healing with a peaceful but powerful resistance against the forces that wish Lebanon to be fragmented.”

Sympathy for “The Devil”

It’s no secret at this point that everyone wants to have sex with the devil. This is such a non-statement that it is, at this point, much harder to find a depiction where the devil is anything less than a caricature of the most erotically charged image available to the imagination of the creator. There’s just one problem: nobody can tell me who the devil is.