Guest Post: the Gaulish Polytheist Revival and what it is

Spotlight on Tradition
Segomâros Widugeni is a leader in Gaulish Polytheism and has been for almost two decades. He hold two Master’s Degrees, one in 20th Century German History and another in Library Science, and speaks two Celtic languages. He lives with his wife in the woods of rural Central Florida. His new book, Ancient Fires: an Introduction to Gaulish Polytheism, will be released soon. In the evening, as twilight descends over the forest, I repair to my shrine room.

Proposed shrine to Cernunnos breaks ground in spring

TROUT LAKE, Wash — This coming spring the Cascadia Grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) is planning to break ground on a fourth shrine. This one will be dedicated to Cernunnos. Cascadia Grove is located in the Seattle, Washington area and plans to build the shrine next to the others that it has built at Trout Lake Abbey. According to ADF, an international modern Druid group, Cernunnos is a horned God of liminality, commerce, and the forest. The Grove hosted an online fundraiser in December for the proposed shrine and raised just under $3500 toward their projected costs of $25,000.

He Speaks For the Trees

The Los Angeles City Beat looks at a new exhibition by underground artist Mark Ryden. Ryden’s new show at the Kohn Gallery is called “The Tree Show”, and as you might suspect, it makes trees a central theme.”The Tree Show has something for everyone. From Ryden’s symbiotic relationship with Abraham Lincoln to his love of symbols, numerology, and historical references, to his kitsch diorama, you won’t leave unhappy. Confused, maybe, but art is supposed to make you think. Ryden’s trees are displayed as being both subjugated by and victorious over humanity.”Considering the subject matter it isn’t too surprising that pagan themes pop up repeatedly in Ryden’s show.