Remembering and Reclaiming September 11th

Nine years ago a group of Muslim extremists hijacked four planes and rammed them into the World Trade Center towers in New York, into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and crashed one into a field in rural Pennsylvania after passengers and crew struggled to retake the aircraft. 2,977 innocents (of all faiths and backgrounds) died, and the United States, and some would say the world, hasn’t been the same since. The current upheaval over the “ground zero mosque” and burning Korans in our country stems from the unhealed wounds of that day. Today various protests, counter-protests, urgings, pleadings, rites, political functions, and events all centered on the 9/11 attacks will transpire. September 11th was one of the things that started me on the path towards Pagan blogging and journalism.

Aphrodite’s Perfume

For those wondering what the goddess Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans) smelled like, wonder no longer. Archaeologists in Cyprus claim to have found the oldest perfume factory in the world with scents dedicated to the goddess of love (among others).”The prehistoric scents and 60 objects from the site in Cyprus have been placed on display at the Capitoline Museums in Rome, having been found in 2003. Perfumes named after Greek goddesses and made from pine, coriander, olive oil, parsley, bergamot, bitter almonds and laurel were discovered in alabaster vials. Research Council archaeologist, Maria Rosa Belgiorno, told ANSA: ‘We were astonished at how big the place was … Perfumes must have been produced on an industrial scale.