Pagan Community Notes: Week of February 15, 2024

Mr. Wil Fiacco, candidate for New York State Senate [via Facebook

ROME, New York – Last week, The Wild Hunt covered the story about Mr. Wil Fiacco, a Republican candidate for NY State Senate District 53 in upstate New York who released a picture of a Correllian Tradition event. He identified the individuals in the photo and called them “Satanists,” alleging that they are indoctrinating children.

“If you’re not a Christian, you shouldn’t be teaching children,” said Fiacco in his statement. After he saw our coverage, he added the following: “Seems I’ve made the devil mad !!! Check out the 7 people who have an Angry emoticon on this post. Each one of them is a Satanist. But they lie and call it something else: Wiccan, Correllian, Paganists, etc. IT’S ALL SATANISM !”

Rev. Mary Hawk invited Fiacco to an interview on Correllian TV to discuss erroneous views. Fiacco, who appeared to join from his bed, made clear he does not accept the separation of church and state, and also made claims about the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers that appear inconsistent with historical reality.  He then offered a brief tirade and repeated, “You have to believe in Christ to get into heaven.”

“You guys are wrong,” he added, “and you guys are headed to hell.” He also said he wants everyone “to recognize your eternal damnation.”

The full interview is available on Facebook.

After the story broke, Fiaco also responded on X (formerly Twitter) to The Wild Hunt and our Editor-in-Chief, Manny Tejeda y Moreno.

To which Tejeda y Moreno replied:


Fiacco has not responded to the question as of this writing.


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Phoenix Festivals, which has served the Pagan Community for over 30 years, is deeply saddened to cancel Phoenix Phyre in March 2024. The post-Covid world and concerns about our current site have led to low registration numbers which prevent Team Phoenix from presenting a quality event.

What will happen now?

The PFI Board of Directors is currently in contract negotiations with Camp Cloverleaf in Lake Placid for Autumn Meet 2024. This site will provide air-conditioned cabins and workshop spaces, RV sites with water and electrical hookups, and paved walkways which make all areas handicap accessible. The Board hopes that this move will allow Phoenix to rise from the ashes again in a new and beautiful way. Blessed Be Phoenix Phamily.


Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth was on Kim Komando Today, an Apple Podcast, to discuss “how evil spirits can mess with your tech.” Folberth is the president/priestess of the Panthean Temple in Connecticut and producer/host of the Keepers of the Flame TV public access show, an educational and entertaining television talk show about Traditional Witchcraft, Paganism and Aboriginal Religions featuring lectures, interviews, music, and entertainment from around the world.

Folberth also joined Changing Times Changing Worlds, “an inclusive metaphysical community and an interfaith Supernatural/ Paranormal/ Metaphysical conference. We explore alternative views of reality, healing, divination, energy work and spiritual practice” with a YouTube channel.  Folberth discusses the founding of the Panthean Temple, now celebrating 30 years, which provides “balance and harmony with the gods, to bring understanding to the non-pagan communities of the positive nature of our faiths, and to achieve equal rights for all Wiccans and pagans as mainstream religions.”


Upcoming Events

Circle Sanctuary’s Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) is one of America’s oldest and largest Nature Spirituality festivals. Since 1980, PSG has been bringing together Pagans of many paths and places to create community, celebrate the summer solstice, and commune with nature in a sacred environment.

Registration is now open for the 2024 Pagan Spirit Gathering, a national weeklong celebration of Summer Solstice, being held June 16-23 in south central Missouri, USA. This year’s theme is Resonating Radiance.

Pagan Spirit Gathering, also known as PSG, brings together Pagans of many paths and places to create and live in a magickal village community. The Gathering includes rituals, workshops, concerts, merchanting, bonfires, drumming, candlelight labyrinth, Pagan Leadership Institute, life passages programs, and other activities. Learn more & register


The Mystic South Conference announced that the sixth annual event will take place July 26-28, 2024! Mystic South is filled with workshops, educational abstract presentations, rituals, community building, and much more. With the backdrop of the grand city of Atlanta, be a part of our celebration of the diversity of the peoples and religious practices, both past and present, that make up the Southen US region.

The conference also announced that their Early Bird tickets are on sale. Tickets are $135 until February 29, 2024 (Yup, it’s a leap year!) get them now and, get some for your friends, your neighbors, or just some random person you met on the street! The clock is ticking, lock in savings today!

Tarot of the Week by Star Bustamonte

Deck: Heart & Hands Tarot, by Liz Blackbird, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc

Card: Ten (10) of Cups

The next seven days are likely to have a focus on community, the home, and recognizing the harmony that exists and how it has been actively cultivated. It’s a good time to count one’s blessings.

Conversely, there is the potential for strained relationships to undermine peace of mind, and result in shared environments to feel less safe and secure.

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