Maryland practitioner calls for participants in non-partisan election earth working

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SILVER SPRING, Md. – As US Election Day approaches, the tenor, variety, and sheer volume of media coverage and social media communication indicate that the 2020 presidential election is one of, if not the most, consequential decisions facing the United States in recent memory.

The high level of engagement can be seen in communities and cultures on every point on the country’s political and cultural spectrum.

America’s Pagan communities are as diverse and engaged as any other. Groups and solitary practitioners across the country are performing workings aimed at influencing the outcome of the election.

Tadgh Murphy, of Silver Spring, MD, is one such practitioner.

Tadgh Murphy [courtesy]

Murphy, 34, describes himself as a “currently solitary practitioner,” and has been actively practicing since 2013.

“In my spiritual path I have been blessed to come into contact with a multitude of different teachers, practitioners, and organizations that have allowed me to learn an immense amount of understanding about the world around me and those that connect it,” said Murphy. “Most importantly, I have learned how much more I still need to learn.”

He has studied with the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and now works with a local shamanic group led by Monika Healing Coyote.

“My beliefs center around the idea that we are an incredibly small part of the universe at large,” said Murphy. “I believe that the universe wishes to experience itself and to know itself through being each of us. I believe there is more to and in this world that we can perceive at one time, or in one life. I believe that through practice, focus, and working with the world around us our will can change that world.”

To that end, Murphy has devised a working to help ensure that all eligible voters be able to cast their ballots.

“As we can see in current news both polling places and the post office, the two main avenues to receive votes in this country, have been made less reliable due to the effects of the Covid-19 virus, the hands of the current administration, or both,” explained Murphy.

“With those options either becoming closed off to voters or too far away for it to matter, the public needs to be reminded that there is another avenue to get their vote counted in the form of the Board of Elections facilities.  However, with the B.O.E.s being a less prominent way to make your vote count they need to become more noticeable to the populations around them.”

Murphy’s working is intended to do just that and while he considers himself a solitary practitioner he is, as the song says, going to need a little help from his friends to maximize its chances of success.

“The method I’m using is much like that of another technique I’ve learned over the years called a Witch Jar,” explained Murphy. “In brief you collect the dirt from around places with aspects you wish to use in your working, such as banks for a financial spell, placing a crystal in the center of the jar then raising energy to harmonize with the aspects of the soil it is in contact with.”

Image credit: Pixabay

However, according to Murphy, there is a twist.

“The working I have in mind will operate in the reverse.  Instead of drawing the aspects of these facilities to me, I will be sending energy and aspects back to them. By collecting enough of the energy of the BOE facilities in one place you can affect the egregore of that institution and have that disseminate down to the physical branches.”

To achieve this, Murphy is asking people from all over the country to send him samples of the earth gathered from areas near their local Board of Elections facilities.

“The reason you use dirt from around these places,” said Murphy, “is because when something stays in one place for long enough what that thing is begins to seep into the world around it.”

Murphy explained that the earth samples that he collects will be combined in a single container to turn local Boards of Elections into, “lodestones for votes.”

“The purpose of this working will be to draw in as many votes from the surrounding area as possible, not just a particular parties’ votes,” said Murphy, who stresses the non-partisan nature of the project.

“The purpose of this working is to protect the sanctity of voting itself, that all votes must be heard and counted without obfuscation or obstruction.”

The idea for this working, according to Murphy, was inspired by work performed with the shamanic group he is involved with.

“We were tasked with journeying to our spirits to either ask for assistance with a pre-planned action or to see where our guides saw our gifts as being the most useful,” explained Murphy.

Once the idea had taken hold, Murphy realized that he needed to increase the scale of the action.

“To even have a chance of this working the way it’s intended we needed more soil samples from around the United States and so the plan to reach out to as many groups of practitioners across the U.S. came to light.”

Murphy explained that the deities he will be invoking for this working are Themis, Goddess of Justice and Order, and Aletheia, Goddess of Truth and Reality, but is asking individuals on any path for assistance.

According to Murphy, this working will be the first such event that he will be leading and that it is important enough do be done despite any uncertainty he may feel.

“I have reached a point in my life where I realized it does not matter if I feel unworthy or insecure, the work needs to be done and there is no one else that can do it,” said Murphy.

“So, whether I feel ready or not is a moot point. I’m choosing to stand up and stick my head up now because this work needs to be done, not simply for this coming election year, but also in years to come.”

Murphy plans on performing the working on October 2, in time for it to take effect by the time that absentee ballots are being mailed back to state Boards of Elections, and to coincide with the full moon.

He asks anybody who chooses to work with him on this project to follow the protocol he outlines below.


If possible, coordinate with local groups to limit the number of duplicate samples acquired.

Go to your local Board of Elections facility and collect a small amount of topsoil from the grounds around the building. If the facility is in an office park and there is no loose soil around, ask a plant on the grounds if you can take a small branch of leaf from it.  If there is no plant life or soil from around the building, rock dust or paint from the building itself will work just as well.

As you collect the sample call out to Themis and Aletheia, the Greek Goddesses of Justice/Order and Truth/Reality, asking for their aid in this work and in their name take your sample visualizing it as an anchor with a string stretching back to the facility itself.

The sample does not need to be large. A few pinches are perfectly fine.

Place the sample in either a double bagged Ziploc sandwich bag or wrap it twice in self-adhering saran wrap. Using hard or rigid containers will only increase the price to ship the sample so keeping it light as possible will mean that this should not cost more than an envelope and a stamp at the post office.

Please send the samples to:

Tadhg Murphy
PO BOX 463

Murphy asks that samples be labeled with the locality where they were acquired so he can keep track of where the samples are from.