Pagan Community Notes: Occult store defaced with neo-Nazi poster, “black mass” draws protesters, and more!

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – A metaphysical store, Pearls of Wisdom found a disturbing poster promoting neo-Nazi propaganda taped to their front door Sunday morning. The group listed on the poster is Atomwaffen Division (AWD), which is recognized as a white nationalist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Pearls of Wisdom has been in operation since 1991, but has only been at its current address for two years. The store serves the community by not only selling a variety of metaphysical and occult tools, but also hosting unifying events that support groups like those who protested at Standing Rock.

TWH spoke with store employee, Lexie, who said, “It’s just very shocking.” Prior to this occurrence she said the store has never had anything like this happen.

She also said that Pearls of Wisdom is very inclusive, and expressed concern that anyone who saw the poster might have thought the store had put it up. Lexie wanted to make it very clear that Pearls of Wisdom neither endorses nor supports AWD or their ideology.

The store has not yet contacted law enforcement, and is in the process of reviewing video surveillance footage in hopes of pinpointing when the poster was attached to their door, and possibly identifying who was responsible.

TWH will continue to follow this story and report any new developments.

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OTTAWA, Canada – The Satanic Temple (TST) in Ottawa hosted its first “black mass” which was met by a number of protesters.

According to news reports and social media posts by attendees, two groups set up across the street from and next to the Koven, a local bar and nightclub that is hosting TST’s event, to protested the event. One group was comprised of conservative Catholics who prayed and sang Ava Maria. The other group appeared to be made up of mostly Christian Protestants, who used bullhorns and electronic amplification to loudly proclaim their disapproval.

The TST “black mass” was also promoted as an “unbaptism” and was more reflective of “an expression of personal liberty and freedom,” according to Nicholas Marc, the national coordinator for the Satanic Temple in Canada.

TST identifies itself as a federally recognized international (non-theistic) religious Satanic organization, not a Pagan organization. It has, however, been on the front lines of fighting for religious freedom, women’s reproductive rights, debunking pseudo-science, and sexual equality.

Elsewhere, it was recently reported that the Illinois state Capitol building in Springfield, received a bomb threat directed at the TST’s holiday display in the rotunda last December, but did not notify the local TST chapter. While the threat did not result in an actual bombing, federal authorities arrested a man in California connected to the threat.

TST is planning a rally for religious reproductive rights and women’s health in one of the 11 states that has passed increasingly restrictive laws in the past year. They are running a campaign for donations based by state. The state garnering the most donations will be selected for the rally and will be announced on October 31, 2019.


Crossings of the Veil

We are saddened to learn that Michael Thorn, the Magus of Polyhymnia Coven, crossed the Veil last week. TWH will be sharing a full remembrance shortly.

What is remembered, lives. 


In other news:

  • The skull of a woman, nicknamed “Hilda,” who lived somewhere between 55BCE and 400CE has been used to recreate a wax model of what she looked like in life. Karen Fleming, a University of Dundee MSc Forensic Art & Facial Identification student, used her skills in reconstruction to give Hilda a face.  The skull is part of a collection from the University of Edinburgh’s Anatomical Museum, one of six “Druids of the Hebrides” skulls presented to the Phrenological Society of Edinburgh in 1833. It is estimated that Hilda was around 60-years-old when she died, which is nearly twice the normal lifespan of the average woman for that time period.
  • An extraordinary find of a wooden chest by archaeologists working in the Archaeological Park of Pompeii included a number of items that they believe were used for magical and ritual purposes. Among the items found: crystals and other gemstones, tiny carved phalluses, skulls of carved bone, bronze bells, and glass beads with Dionysus’ likeness carved into them. The wood of the chest had long decomposed, though the bronze hinges covered in volcanic debris survived, along with the contents of the chest. The chest was found in the House of the Garden of the Pompeii archaeological park and is believed to have belonged to either a slave or someone of low rank since no gold was found among items discovered. The house itself is believed to have been inhabited by a person of high-ranking status.
  • Statues of the twin Greek gods, Artemis and Apollo have been discovered on the island of Crete at a Roman home in the archaeological site of Aptera. The Archaeological Museum of Crete was presented with the statues on July 24 by the Chania Ephorate of Antiquities. Archaeologists date the two statues to around second century CE, and consider them to be of significant artistic value and importance. The statue of Artemis is made of copper, and depicts her aiming her bow, while the statue of Apollo is carved from marble and is missing both arms.
  • Italian researchers believe they may have found the cave that possibly inspired Homer’s myth about Circe. A grotto located along the coastline near Italy’s Mount Circeo, named after the goddess herself, was found to contain terracotta vases, indicating humans inhabited or visited the cave. The cave is not open to the public, as researchers are primarily there to observe a rare species of bats.
  • A Roman temple has been uncovered in the village of Newington in Kent, England while land was being cleared to build a housing development. This most recent discovery comes on the heels of the discovery of an entire Roman town in Newington last year, which was considered one of the most significant archaeological finds in recent years. Some researchers believe it the discovery of the temple reinforces the idea that Newington is the site of the lost Roman settlement of Durolevum. The village has received permission to relocate the temple to within the village and hopes to be able to use the recent finds to illustrate how the village developed over time from a Roman town or settlement.

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