Pagan Community Notes: Statement from Pantheacon, Many Gods West goes on hiatus, and more!

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SAN JOSE, Calif. – Glenn Turner, the coordinator of Pantheacon released a statement last week regarding the removal of two presenters, Max Dashu and Witchdoctor Utu from the schedule. Turner’s statement included a commitment to providing a safe and inclusive space to all attendees and staff.

The statement also included details regarding future submissions. Presenters and the subject matter presented will be given greater scrutiny, in addition to verifying presenter credentials, and more thoroughly research presenter backgrounds. The political and social impact a presenter may have will also be considered when reviewing submissions.

Turner included a personal apology for anyone who had suffered “fear, pain and sense of exclusion” in the process, and for the chaos and confusion resulting from the de-platforming. The statement comes after several weeks of controversy and speculation as to why presenters were removed.


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TWH – The Wild Hunt columnist, Dr. Karl Seigfried, generated controversy within the Heathen community and among Lokeans, by making comparisons between the god Loki and President Trump in an article two weeks ago. Backlash from the original article resulted in threats of violence, including a death threat, directed at Siegfried on Twitter. The death threat tweet and account has since been deleted by Twitter citing a violation of their terms of service.

The original article prompted several rebuttals of Seigfried ‘s original article on other websites and blogs including a criticism of TWH for its publication and a demand for a retraction in an open letter from Lokeans. The Wild Hunt responded with an editorial statement appending on the original article.


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OLYMPIA, Wash. – This morning Many Gods West: A Pacific Northwest Polytheist Gathering posted a statement by Syren Nagakyrie and the MGW Organizing Team on its Facebook page announcing it would go on indefinite hiatus for the foreseeable future. Nagakyrie said in her statement that the event is financially unsustainable as well as the demands on organizers, and the unsuccessful attempts to find enough qualified volunteers. She also cited the current sociopolitical and economic climate and increasing demands on resources as playing a role in MGW being unable to thrive.

Nagakyrie stated that MGW had been a meaningful and important annual event, she felt “the energy had run its course for now.” She went on to say that while it was possible that MGW might consider some future events, possibly online, there are currently no plans to continue.


In other news:

  • The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum founded in 1997 will host its annual “Up All Night” online solstice celebration beginning at dusk on Friday, December 21. Pagans of every stripe and non-pagans alike, from every part of the globe, are invited to share their experience of the solstice in the discussion forum. Festivities  will include the video conference: Great Global Group Meditation.Whether staying up for your entire night or just popping in for part of it, everyone is welcome. You must be a Cauldron member to participate, but Cauldron membership is free and easy. It’s recommended that you join The Cauldron before the 21st, so that you can familiarize yourself with the chat function and the forum’s rules.
  • ADF Publishing released two children’s stories last week, “Saulé and the Sunrise” and “Saulé and the Sunset” written by Archdruid Rev. Jean “Drum”  Pagano, and illustrated by Erin Bauman Chesher. The stories are about Saulé, a Baltic Solar Goddess and the journeys of her chariot. They are available in downloadable format from Amazon.
  • Last month, Penton Independent Alternative Media reported that a South African event called Witchcamp 2018, was canceled as a result of permits being denied, and area Christian groups reporting the event to local authorities. The event had received threats of violence prior to event. The organizers plan to hold the event in 2019 and are already in the process of planning.
  • The Annual Whitby Krampus Run was held Saturday in Whitby, England. The first Krampus run to be held in the UK was in 2015, and was an immediate success. The event raises funds for the Whibty Wildlife Sanctuary. Krampus is considered to be a dark counterpart to St. Nicholas and to tease and punish children who have been naughty. The last few years have seen a surge in the popularity of Krampus events around the globe, including the U.S.

Tarot of the week by Star Bustamonte

Deck: The Tarot of Bones: A Natural History-Themed Divination Set by Lupa, self-published by Lupa via CreateSpace

Card: Ace of Cups

The week ahead may hold opportunities to forge new relationships, as well a reminder for us to be fully present in all of our relationships. It may also be a good time to look at how we spend our time socially, with an eye to relationships that have become toxic and to minimize their impact.

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