Pagan Community Notes: Dr. Bones, Canada Witchcraft, and more

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This weekend, a now former writer for Gods and Radicals, “Dr. Bones” a self-described anarchist / egoist-communist, occultist, and gonzo journalist, was accused of sexual misconduct in a lengthy Twitter thread. Gods and Radicals promptly responded to the accusation and tweeted a brief statement early Sunday morning supporting the accuser and announcing that they would be removing all of Bones’ articles. Gods and Radicals added that they would no longer be distributing his book.

Later on Sunday, Dr. Bones posted an apology on his blog site, The Conjure House, stating “This will be my last post, and it is not to ask for pity. It is to firmly and clearly state I have committed unforgivable actions, and as such will retire completely from both writing and politics.”   He further added that “I have violated not only the trust of my readers, of my comrades, but most of all my wife. My behavior and actions have been disgusting.”  Dr. Bones stated that he would be shutting down all of his social media accounts, Patreon, and websites. Since his announcements many sites connected  to Dr. Bones have been removed or are no longer accessible. The site where he posted his apology and statement have since been made private.


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A reported previously on The Wild Hunt, the government of Canada passed the Section 365 of the Criminal Code. Section 365 pertained to the practice of “pretending” to use witchcraft, sorcery, conjuration or enchantment, telling fortunes for profit, or pretending to use some type of occult skill or knowledge to locate lost or stolen items. Canada’s Criminal Code was created in 1892 and has only been reviewed and updated twice, once in 1950s, and again in the 1970s. Bill C-51 was crafted to repeal laws, often referred to as “zombie laws”, that were still on the books and considered to be redundant, obsolete or that have been found to be unconstitutional. It received royal assent on December 13, 2018.

Before the assent, however, there was one final accusation of Witchcraft.  Tiffany Butch was charged with pretending to practice witchcraft after she was accused of demanding money in return for lifting a curse. Butch, who also goes by the moniker, “White Witch of the North” said in a phone interview with the CBC, “People proclaimed me a witch here and gave me a nickname, but I’m not a witch. I’m a psychic.” She insists she never pretended to be a witch or demanded money, and believes she was framed by other psychics.


In other news:

  • Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three, who was wrongly convicted of murder in 1993 then exonerated and released from incarceration in 2011, has released a new book titled, “High Magick” that details how magical practices saved his life while he was in prison. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Echols describes his new book as part memoir and part spiritual guide. From the article, “Echols says that it makes sense for him, as an accused Satanist, to publish a book on magick. ‘I’m showing exactly what this is, clearing up misperceptions of people who don’t understand what it is, as well as introducing something that saved my life,’ he says.”
  • The Huffington Post published a guest opinion by writer, Lily Burana titled 2018 Was The Year American Women Embraced Their Inner Witch. Burana links to some of the many articles published by major mainstream media sources that focused on Witchcraft, as well as the rise in popularity witch and occult-themed TV shows, movies, games, apparel and other assorted wares.
  • The Associated Press reports that while the government shutdown has the potential to affect many federal government offices, landmarks, and national parks, one thing that it will not affect is NORAD’s Santa Tracker. The 160 phone lines are manned by approximately 1500 volunteers–civilian and military alike–to answer the volume of calls NORAD receives. NORAD Tracks Santa is immensely popular with over 18 million website clicks, 1.8 million Facebook followers, 179,000 Twitter followers, and 126,000 calls tallied for last year. Children can call to ask questions about Santa’s whereabouts or to give him a special message at 1-800-HI-SANTA.

In other Seasonal “news”:

  • Winkey, Elf Assistant Number III subsection IV of Tech Products (portable accessories) was placed on administrative leave for three days during the height of seasonal gift preparation for employing a tarot deck to learn the content of gifts addressed to him. Well-placed observers overheard him saying “What? You use what ya got!”. Reports say he signed his administrative action as “Shelf”.
  • Millie, Back-of-House Chief to Mrs. Klaus’s Divisions that include Culinary Operations, informed us that any reports of holiday cookies becoming accidentally animated and attempting a coup to seize control of the kitchen were extremely exaggerated. It was only one lone gingerbread person who was insisting their icing trim was crooked and attempted to wrest the pastry bag away from one of the kitchen elves in order to fix it.
  • North Pole Containment Forces [NPCF] supported by Le Befana were reportedly seen by a group of about 50 onlookers dragging Supply Chain Chief Opie Elf and Cupid (Reindeer) while cleaning up what appeared to be multicolored powder, black candles and chicken feet in front of the headquarters of a major online retailer near Seattle. Opie was heard screaming, by one person, “I’m takin’ them out!” before La Befana turned to the group of observers. The onlooker who made her saving throw says the others remember nothing.
  • Tourists in Miami were surprised to find Sleipner posing as a very large holiday ornament near the downtown area. Confirming to be the famous horse, he refused comment but bystanders overheard him saying “I can take it. Every year he drones on…. ‘Santa took my job!’. ‘That’s me on that poster!’, I can’t. I just can’t”.


Tarot of the week by Star Bustamonte

Deck: Tarot of Sacred Feminine by Floreana Nativo, published by Lo Scarabeo

Card: Six (6) Swords

This week may offer up greater opportunities for evidence of truth to be sought. This card in this particular deck also indicates literature and literacy. Books are often popular gifts during the Yuletide, so it may also indicate an opportunity to immerse oneself in a either a newly gifted book or one that has been waiting on the “to-read” shelf.


Decks generously provided by Asheville Raven & Crone.