Attempted Petrol Bombing of Pennsylvania Spiritual Center

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA – Police are investigating an attempted petrol bombing of a metaphysical shop. On New Year’s eve day, someone tossed a Molotov cocktail through the window of Shooting for the Moon Spiritual Development Center.

Owner Kathy Brown said that she was on the second floor of the building when her dog’s barking alerted her that something was wrong. This happened just after 9 am. When she went down to investigate, felt a cold breeze in her shop.

That’s when she saw that the window at the front of her store was broken. Laying on the floor was a bottle filled with liquid with a scorched wick. Realizing that what she saw was a petrol bomb, more commonly called a Molotov cocktail, she immediately called police.

Thankfully, the petrol bomb had failed to ignite. The only real damage was to the window. In a telephone interview, Brown told The Wild Hunt, “Something extinguished that flame. There was protection, a Higher Power protected us.”

She said that she doesn’t know if this was a hate crime or if it was just kids acting up on the holiday.

Brown has owned and operated this holistic spiritual center and store in Hamilton Township for over 12 years. She has been at the same location for just over seven. The center doesn’t cater to any specific religion and has as its mission:

….provide a place where people can grow and learn and expand their awareness and understanding of others. Education and knowledge is power. Fear is what you experience when you do not understand something or someone. By understanding another’s Spirituality, you can link with that person to form a stronger bond, one that leads both individuals closer to the Divine.

Brown said that she has always enjoyed the support of the local community of just over 8000 people nestled in the Poconos. “All positive, nothing but love and light,” she added.  As an example, she said that the local Lowe’s lumber store donated a scrap piece of ply-board to cover the broken window until she could arrange for new glass to be installed.

Wood covers the broken window at Shooting for the Moon [courtesy photo]

Wood covers the broken window at Shooting for the Moon [courtesy photo]

So far police don’t have any leads, but Brown is hopeful the person or persons will be caught, “I’m still trying to process this, why this happened. We are very much universal light.”  The Wild Hunt will report updates as they are available.