Slow Time and Secret Societies

A couple of interesting book-related articles to check out this morning, the first comes from the San Francisco Gate, who interviews Pagan author Waverly Fitzgerald concerning her new book “Slow Time: Recovering the Natural Rhythm of Life”.”Spiritual teacher and author Waverly Fitzgerald believes we’d all benefit by changing our ideas and relationships with time. In her new book, “Slow Time,” Fitzgerald, who has written for Beliefnet and Sage Woman magazine, provides exercises and ideas intended to inspire people to align themselves with nature’s natural rhythms – night and day, the monthly lunar cycle and the yearly solar round – rather than living their lives to the frenzied beat of industrial time.”For Fitzgerald, connecting religiously with the changing seasons is one way to “slow” your conception of time from the “frenetic” pace of our industrialized world.”Most of the major religions have a seasonal liturgy, even though it may be sort of buried. If you look at Christianity, with the Easter cycle and the Christmas birth, there is this lovely use of the seasons to tell a story, and the same is true in the Jewish religion. And, of course, the pagan religion really works with this notion of the seasons and the cycle. So there is a very deep connection between this notion of cyclical time and spirituality.