Column: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Pagan Perspectives

Today’s column comes to us from Jaime Gironés, a long-time contributor to The Wild Hunt based in Mexico City. Jaime’s column was the first Pagan column to regularly be published in both Spanish and English, and led TWH to expand its team of international columnists to cover more of the world’s Pagan voices. También está disponible en español. The Wild Hunt always welcomes submissions for our weekend section. Please send queries or completed pieces to

Columna: Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Pagan Perspectives

Nuestra columna periodista nuestro colaborador mensual, Jaime Gironés cituado la Ciudad de México, es la primera columna pagana que se publicó regularmente en español e inglés, y llevó a TWH a expandir su equipo de columnistas internacionales y expandir nuestras voces paganas al rededor del mundo. Today’s column is also available in English. The Wild Hunt siempre dará la bienvenida a escritos para nuestra sección de fin de semana. Por favor envíe sus preguntas o piezas completas a El tiempo cuando el velo entre los Mundos es más delgado y honramos nuestros ancestros acaba de pasar, estamos a casi un mes de las fiestas de invierno.

Column: Yule in Mexico

Spanish Version
Mexicans, religious or not, usually refer to the holiday season as Guadalupe-Reyes. It starts with the Virgin of Guadalupe Day December 12 and ends with Día de los Reyes Magos (biblical Magi) January 6.  This often includes a feasting and drinking marathon. Therefore, Pagans and Witches usually celebrate the winter solstice before the exact solstice date because we are busy with family gatherings or we are on vacation. Conjuring up my first Yule always puts a smile on my face; it was the first ritual I participated within a coven. I will never forget the High Priest opening the door, welcoming me with a warm smile, and the smell of pine, cinnamon, rosemary and myrrh in the house.