Pagan Community Notes: Week of January 18, 2021

In this week’s Pagan Community Notes: Storm Constantine crosses the Veil, Apache sacred land under threat from mining deal, “Halloween House” arson, Covenant of the Goddess releases statement on US Capitol attack, Spring festival cancellations, and more news.

Pagan Community Notes: Mexico City, ADF, Fort Hood turns 20 and more

MEXICO CITY – Nearly a week since a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico City, there are still people missing amid rubble of the reported 3,848 damaged buildings, 38 collapsed. Rescue parties desperately search for anyone buried alive, as time and hope runs out. The death toll reportedly stands at 325. Wild Hunt columnist Jaime Gironés lives in Mexico City and was home when the quake hit. He said, “I was in my kitchen when everything started shaking like a blender, seconds later I heard my husband entering the house and screaming my name, we left the house and joined the crowded and chaos in the street.”