It’s Knot What You Think

I’ve been trying to ignore this story, which hasn’t been too hard considering the earthquake in Haiti, the recent election in Massachusetts, and the Christian gun sights story.  But the English press has been persistent, so let’s talk a bit about the mysterious horse plaits that have been plaguing Sussex. “At least ten horse-owners in Sussex have reported finding plaits in their horses’ manes over the last two months. Police have received reports from places as far apart as Westergate in Chichester, Rother and East Grinstead – reflecting similar reports across the country.” Despite the skepticism of many English equestrians, and the general lack of any horrible aftermath for the equines involved in the plaiting,  a couple of media-hungry Witches have decided that this is the work of other Witches, or possibly even Satanists! “Officers in Dorset have been contacted by a warlock, or male witch, who claimed the plaits are used in rituals by followers of “knot magick”, also known as “cord magick”.