Pagan Community Notes: Darrin Barnett, Piedmont Pagan Pride, Gaea Goddess Gathering, and more

OAKLAND, Calif. — The Bay Area Pagan community lost one of its beloved members over the weekend. Darrin Barnett was rushed to the hospital Thursday, June 7 for “exacerbated asthma,” as explained by his wife, Kaerla. While this became routine since his heart attack in July 2017 as she goes on, this recent event was not ordinary. Barnett’s heart stopped several times on the way to the hospital and he had suffered damage to his brain. The emergency room doctors reportedly told his wife that, while he could come back from his condition but “the chances are better of him not coming back than they are that he will.”

Invoking Brock’s Law and Wicca’s Almighty Creator

It’s somewhat rare to see Witch/Wiccan profiles during the winter, a time usually reserved for explorations of Christian and Jewish themes, but two papers have done just that. While most of these “meet the Witch” articles are exactly what you’d expect (We don’t eat babies or wear pointy hats!), you can often accidentally learn some interesting things about what prominent Pagans believe. For instance, the Great Lakes Advocate interviews author and reality television star Stacey Demarco (who, for the record, doesn’t like me all that much). In the piece Ms. Demarco invokes Brock’s Law and claims that us Pagans had it far worse than the Jews did.”Witches have had a bad PR day for thousands of years. There were more people killed in the inquisitions than the holocaust.”That is a sentence that needs some unpacking.

The Return of the Revenge of Witches on Reality Television

Hard to believe its been nearly a year since I had to post about modern Pagans appearing in a trashy reality television program! I should have known that the siren-call of money and fame/infamy would be too much for some in our extended community to miss. This time its an Australian program entitled “The One: The Search for Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic”, a game show/reality television program in the vein of “America’s Got Talent” or “Hell’s Kitchen”, only with psychics. The host and contestants of “The One”. “English statutes against witchcraft were repealed in 1736 and public executions are no longer sanctioned as entertainment, at least not in Australia, but Channel Seven has devised an alternative ordeal – a televised quest for Australia’s top psychic.