Pagan Community Notes: Robin Fletcher, Appalachian Pagan Ministry, Wigglian Way, and more!

VICTORIA, Aus. — Robin Fletcher, convicted sex offender, is once again seeking more relaxed supervision. In 1998, Fletcher was jailed for the rape and prostitution of two 15-year-old girls. He reportedly told the girls that the acts were part of their Witchcraft initiations, and he maintained that premise throughout his court hearings. Fletcher has been quoted as saying that his arrest was based on “a huge cultural misunderstanding” and that “his practices had a symbolic religious meaning and were not sexually motivated.”

Wigglian Way host joins actions planned against Canadian pipelines

CANADA – On Nov. 29, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an announcement that the Canadian federal government was going ahead and approving two highly controversial pipeline projects. Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline project and Enbridge’s Line 3 project, could see as much as a million barrels more per day of various petroleum products from Alberta’s oilsands traveling through Canada, to the West Coast, and also over the border, into the United States. A third project, the Northern Gateway pipeline was rejected. This was a victory for protesters, as this pipeline would have crossed an environmentally sensitive area known as The Great Bear Rainforest.

Canadians vote for change

OTTAWA, Ont. — Monday, October 19, 2015 was a day for the history books, as Canadians went to the polls to vote for who would lead the country for the next four years. This campaign was the longest and also the most expensive that Canada has ever seen. Canada has three major political parties. On the right is the Conservative Party of Canada, the current ruling party, led by Stephen Harper.