Pagan Community Notes: Global Wicca Summit, Wiccan Together, World Goddess Day and more

TWH – The Global Wicca Summit begins Monday at 6:30 PM CT. According to the event page, the summit is “a cyberconference, utilizing a series of resources, including live broadcasts, video and audio, allowing anyone, anywhere to participate. Localities may have physical meetings as well, to share the online resources. Through this sharing of resources, we want to reach Wiccans worldwide, to have a discussion of the state of the Wicca in the world.”  Organizers say that the central question is: “Is Wicca a global faith?”

Organized by Witch School International, the event will open with a welcome by Rev. Don Lewis followed by a prayer and ritual by Rev. Stephanie. The evening will continue with interviews and lectures, all broadcast over various forms of digital media, and the summit will be ongoing until September 10. The schedule is posted on The Daily Spell website.  Guest speakers include Rev. Selena Fox, Rev. Apu Adman Aghama, Jason Mankey, Phyllis Curott, Arch Priestess Belladonna Laveau, Oberon Zell, Rev. Ebils Correllian HP,  Rev. Ayra Alseret  and more.  *   *   *

TWH – Wiccan Together, a social media site devoted to the Wiccan community, recently announced its return. The site, which boasted 74,635 members as of August 2018, had shut its doors in July 2017.  According to various sources, the original creator, who is reportedly named Eric, shut the site down.

Pagan Community Notes: Healing Nature Circle, Greening of Religion, “Unveiled,” and more!

Over this past weekend, Circle Sanctuary co-sponsored a “Nature Spirituality & Healing event” along with several organizations belonging to the Iliff School of Theology, based in Denver, Colorado. Those organizations included ILIFF Student Senate, ILIFF Seminarians for Reproductive Justice, Wisdom Traditions Student Group at ILIFF, and the Unitarian Universalist Student Organization. The free, public healing event, held at the First Universalist Church of Denver, included four hours of discussion and panels pertaining to the interrelationship between self-care and nature. The guest speakers were from various religious and spiritual backgrounds, and included: Rev. Selena Fox, Maeve Wiilde, Michelle Castle, Dr. Larry Graham, Dr. Jason Whitehead, Rev. Todd Strickland. Rev. Fox also offered to the interfaith crowd a “Healing with Nature Workshop,” which “included ways of working with Nature imagery, Nature rituals, and natural areas for renewal, dispelling stress, and enchanting wellness.”