Paranormal reality show blames Witch community for hauntings

WOLF CREEK, Ore. — The paranormal reality show Ghost Adventures (2008- ) blamed a local Witch community for the hauntings being reported in a Oregon ghost town. Airing Sept. 23, the episode “Golden Ghost Town” finds the Ghost Adventures crew in an old mining town in southwestern Oregon. The old town, which is currently in a state park and being restored, is well-known for its hauntings, which the show labels as being demonic and “unleashed” by local Witches.

Paranormal research group seeks to include occult practices in studies

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. — The Institute for the Study of Religious and Anomalous Experience (ISRAE) is looking for a home base from which to conduct its studies. The organization, founded by psychology professor Brian Laythe in 2009, is primarily a paranormal and parapsychology research group. However, as Laythe describes, they are also interested in occult practice and want to include the Pagan community in their work. “Much of parapsychology studies ESP or the movement or influence of objects as well as hauntings and paranormal phenomena,” said Laythe in an interview with The Wild Hunt.

Pagan News of Note: Update on Vodou in Haiti, Maxine Sanders Interview, and More!

Welcome to the working week! I hope you’re all having as good a Monday as possible. Let’s start off with an important update on a previously reported story, and then move on to some Pagan news of note. Haitian Government Reassures Vodouisants in Wake of Constitutional Changes: Last week I reported on the newly-amended Haitian constitution, and an assertion from Euvonie Auguste, head of the National Confederation of Haitian Vodou (KNVA), that it removes legal protections for Vodou practitioners. “Voodoo would be no longer protected by the Constitution amended. The Priestess Euvonie Auguste, Head of the National Confederation of voodoo in Haiti, deplores the abrogation of Article 297 of the Constitution which, accrding to her protected the sector voodoo against all forms of discrimination.

Hans Holzer 1920 – 2009

Famed ghost-hunter, paranormal investigator, and popularizer of Pagan faiths Hans Holzer passed away on Sunday at the age of 89. While most will remember him for his ghost-hunting and investigations into the Amityville house (the subject of several films), he also played a key role in the spread of Witchcraft/Wicca and other Pagan faiths in America during the 1970s. With books like “The New Pagans”, “The Truth About Witchcraft”, and “Confessions of a Witch”, Holzer responded to a need that the still nascent Pagan publishing industry couldn’t fill. “For all their inadequacies, books such as Holzer’s … offer a snapshot of Pagan history circa 1970.

What is Paranormal? What is Occult?

The mainstream religious press, who are currently congregating in Washington, are exploring the just-released data from the National Baylor Religion Survey on Americans’ Beliefs and Practices.”Do Americans really believe in Santa Claus? Does God directly speak to people? Should the Bible be taken literally, word-for-word? These, along with other in-depth questions relating to religion, belief in the supernatural, and the voice of God, comprised the new wave of the National Baylor Religion Survey on Americans’ Beliefs and Practices.”This survey, which polled 1,648 people (the Pew Forum, in contrast, surveyed 35,000 people), claims to hold some startling new information about what Americans believe, including the fact that liberal religionists are more likely to believe in the “paranormal”.”The survey, which has a margin of error of four percentage points, also revealed that theological liberals are more apt to believe in the paranormal and the occult – haunted houses, UFOs, communicating with the dead and astrology – than do conservatives. Women (35 percent), blacks (41 percent), those younger than 30 (40 percent), Democrats (40 percent) and singles who are cohabitating (49 percent) were more likely to believe, the survey said.”This point was used as a journalistic “gotcha” by M.Z. Hemingway to infer that the liberal-leaning United Church of Christ (Obama’s former denomination) was less “rational” than the conservative Assemblies of God (Sarah Palin’s former denomination).”Even among Christians, there were disparities.