Column: Nazis in America

America has welcomed the Nazis. I don’t mean Nazis in the sense of “everyone I disagree with is a Nazi.” I mean honest-to-goodness Nazis with swastikas on their flags and chants against Jews on their lips. They are here in today’s America, and they’re on the march. How did it come to this? How did the United States of America go from nearly 75 years of celebrating the defeat of the Third Reich by the Allies to insisting that one should never, ever punch a Nazi?

Column: Southern and Me

I was reared in Polk County, Florida, established 1861, in Lakeland to be precise. Or rather, where we lived is now part of the town but would have been the outskirts back then. Our next-door neighbor was the local sheriff. Frank Lloyd Wright designed many of the building in Florida Southern College. The Detroit Tigers have winter training there still.

Fascists vs Muslim Immigrants in Athens?

The New York Times has report on a rising tide of violence against Muslim immigrants in Athens, Greece. Immigrants have been beaten and stabbed near central squares, and several makeshift mosques have been burned and vandalized. In the most grievous attack, at the end of October, the assailants locked the door of a basement prayer site and hurled firebombs through the windows, seriously wounding four worshipers. “The attacks are constant — I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Naim Elghandour, who moved to Athens from Egypt in the 1970s and now heads the Muslim Association of Greece. “I used to be treated like an equal.

Anti-Environmental Reductio ad Hitlerum

There’s nothing like a little Reductio ad Hiterum to start your day. Because you see, anything the Nazi’s did, no matter what it was, is automatically bad. Why? Because they were Nazis of course! For example, a popular one is to note that Hitler was a vegetarian, hence, vegetarianism is intrinsically flawed and will lead you on a path towards National Socialism (never mind that Hitler’s supposed vegetarianism has been thoroughly debunked). Another popular one is that the Nazi’s were “pagan”, not Christian, ergo all modern forms of Paganism are tainted by the association.