Update: the Rectory loses its space, founders clarify reasons

MONTREAL — It was announced Jan. 11 that the Rectory, a newly-created Pagan ritual and learning space, would be closing its doors as of Feb. 1. Located in an historic building owned by an Anglican church, the Rectory was to be an inclusive facility welcoming Pagans of all practices and as well as providing safe space to other organizations and their work. However, once the plans were made public, the founders were forced to close the project down.

Pagan Community Notes: Martin Luther King Jr., The Rectory, King Arthur, and more!

UNITED STATES —  On this day each year, the U.S. honors Martin Luther King Jr. Public schools, government offices, and many businesses are closed in order to recognize his work and sacrifice, as well as the staggering influence that his message has had on American society. Many Pagans, Heathens and polytheists across the country participate in local activities, both small and large, and privately in ritual to recognize Dr. King and his influence. After a contentious presidential election cycle, this year’s day of honor has found itself at the helm of what promises to be an interesting and tense political week, culminating in inauguration day.  While there have been celebrations and parades throughout the country focused specifically on King and his legacy, much of this year’s political energy and focus is on the coming week, as the U.S. is poised for a political shift with unknown consequences. Some Pagans, Heathens, and polytheists, hailing from all walks of life, are preparing to participate in the week’s schedule of marches, actions, and other activities specific to their political and social concerns.

Old Montreal rectory welcomes Witches

UPDATE 1/5/2017: It was announced Jan. 11 that The Rectory will be permanently closed as of February 2017. We will update this further as we learn more.  

MONTREAL – The Pagan community in Montreal, Quebec has a new community space called The Rectory. It is the brainchild of T.Scarlet Jory and Robyn, two witches who identified the need for a new venue for Pagan classes, rituals and events. Located in the actual rectory of an Anglican church, The Rectory is promoting itself as “a multifaith sacred space aimed at supporting community.” The adjacent church is St.